20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Animal Farm
Armstrong Circle Theatre
Arrow in the Dust
Baby Buggy Bunny
Battle of Rogue River
Bewitched Bunny
Border River
Bride and Gloom
Broken Lance
Bugs and Thugs
Captain Hareblower
Carmen Jones
Carnival Story
Casanovas Big Night
Cattle Queen of Montana
Claws for Alarm
Crash of Moons
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Dawn at Socorro
Dear Phoebe
Deep in My Heart
Demetrius and the Gladiators
Devil Girl from Mars
Devil May Hare
Dial M for Murder
Doctor in the House
Easter Parade of Stars Auto Show
Executive Suite
Father Brown
Father Knows Best
Feline Frame-Up
Flash Gordon
Foreign Intrigue
Four Star Playhouse
Francis Joins the WACS
Garden of Evil
General Electric Theater
Gorilla at Large
Grand Canyonscope
Hell and High Water
His Majesty OKeefe
Human Desire
I Love Lucy
Income Tax Sappy
It Should Happen to You
Jail Bait
Jesse James vs. the Daltons
Johnny Guitar
Killers from Space
King Richard and the Crusaders
Kraft Television Theatre
La Strada
Living It Up
Long John Silver
Lumber Jack-Rabbit
Martin Kane, Private Eye
Meet Corliss Archer
Men of the Fighting Lady
My Little Duckaroo
Naked Alibi
Neapolitan Mouse
No Parking Hare
On the Waterfront
Overland Pacific
Prince Valiant
Prisoner of War
Private Eye Popeye
Rear Window
Ride Clear of Diablo
Riding Shotgun
River of No Return
Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
Salt of the Earth
Sanshô dayû
Satans Waitin
Secret of the Incas
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Seven Samurai
Sherlock Holmes
Shichinin no samurai
Space Patrol
Stories of the Century
Strada, La
Susan Slept Here
The Barefoot Contessa
The Belles of St. Trinians
The Bridges at Toko-Ri
The Caine Mutiny
The Cisco Kid
The Command
The Country Girl
The Far Country
The Gene Autry Show
The George Gobel Show
The High and the Mighty
The Joe Palooka Story
The Last Time I Saw Paris
The Long Wait
The Long, Long Trailer
The Maggie
The Silver Chalice
The Sleeping Tiger
Three Hours to Kill
Under the Counter Spy
Valley of the Kings
Vera Cruz
Viaggio in Italia
White Christmas