Foreign Intrigue Quotes

Gerda Martinez: You're surprised.
Robert Cannon: Well, I never expected to see you!
Gerda Martinez: Why? Oh... you never heard, then.
Robert Cannon: Heard what?
Gerda Martinez: I was pardoned.
Robert Cannon: Ohhh. Parole boards are getting very lenient.
Gerda Martinez: I was never condemned!
Robert Cannon: Well, I'm sure there must be a reason, but it escapes me.

Movie: Foreign Intrigue
Michael Powers: Well, if the rest of your men are no brighter than Rudolph...
Derek Savage: I don't want bright men, Mr. Powers, I want men who will do what I say! Men who think are dangerous.
Michael Powers: Men who don't think are more dangerous, Savage.

Movie: Foreign Intrigue