Space Patrol Quotes

Carol Carlisle: I don't like it. I've got a strange feeling about that station.
Cadet Happy: Woman's intuition?
Carol Carlisle: I just don't like it.

TV Show: Space Patrol
John: I tell you, Vera, you should have seen the Commander's face when I told him how I was robbed. He believed every word of it.
Vera: Are you sure you did the right thing talking to Commander Corry yourself?
John: Well, of course I did, Vera. I threw suspicion away from me. Why I even told him that I thought there was somebody right there in the Space Patrol giving out inside information on patrol unit movements.
Vera: You told him that?
John: Why sure. Why not?
Vera: Because it's true, that's why!
John: Aw, don't worry Vera. There's nothing to it. Tony will never get caught. He's too smart.
Vera: I'm beginning to think he's a lot smarter than you are.

TV Show: Space Patrol
Johnson: The Commander in Chief of the Space Patrol - a slave. [Johnson laughs uproariously]

TV Show: Space Patrol
Johnson: Queen Riva, if you still need a slavemaster, I'd like to apply.
Queen Riva: You?
Johnson: I'm the guy for the job.

TV Show: Space Patrol
[a gravity beam forces Corry's spaceship is forced to land on a tiny asteroid]
Cadet Happy: Say, Major, what do you make of it?
Maj. Robbie Robertson: I don't think it was an accident and what's worse - it happened to Tonga.

TV Show: Space Patrol
[Corry and Happy tied to stake and about to be burned alive]
Cadet Happy: How are you coming?
Cmdr. Buzz Corry: I'm getting it.
Cadet Happy: Hurry, Commander! I don't like outdoor barbeques.

TV Show: Space Patrol