Baby Buggy Bunny Quotes

Bugs Bunny: Oh, Finster! Oh, Finster, baby! [Sees Finster trying to get the money]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, there you are, you naughty baby. [Shakes Finster]
Bugs Bunny: How many times I have told you not to play with that dirty money? We'll just have to get hims all tidied up. [Puts Finster in the washing machine and turns it on; takes him out, covered in suds]
Bugs Bunny: There, nice enough to be kissed. Ah, whoops, the baby! [Throws Finster up against the ceiling]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, dear. I do believe I've forgotten my fudge. [Turns around, Finster falls behind him]
Bugs Bunny: Aw, sakes alive. Did'ims fall down? [Finster pulls out a knife and tries to stab Bugs; he misses and stabs himself in the butt]
Finster: Yeow! [Murmurs obscenities]
Bugs Bunny: [as he spanks Finster, weapons fall out] We'll just have to learn not to play with knives and not to use naughty words. And believe me, Finster, this hurts you more than it does me.

Movie: Baby Buggy Bunny
[last lines]
Finster: [crying] Let me outta here! Get me another mouthpiece! I've been framed! I didn't do nothin'!
Bugs Bunny: Don't be such a crybaby. After all, ninety-nine years isn't forever.

Movie: Baby Buggy Bunny