The Gene Autry Show Quotes

Big Tim Brady: It's mighty strange, Autry, that my boys and myself can get along with everyone in Cartersville except you and your friends.
Gene Autry: I was just thinkin' the same thing, Mr. Brady. It's funny that me and my friends can get along with everybody except you and your boys.

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show
Gene Autry: I'm gonna teach him what a bandit's life is really like.
Pat Buttram: You mean we can pretend we're bad men?
Gene Autry: I don't like the idea of lyin' to a kid, but...
Pat Buttram: You do the shootin' - I'll do the lyin'!

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show
Gene Autry: I'm Gene Autry, U.S. Marshal. I brought someone with me.
Peggy Barker: How many of you does it take to catch one man?
Randy Barker: Easy, sis! Don't bite - he's a friend of mine.

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show
Pat Buttram: Gene, duck behind them rocks. I'm supposed to shoot you and there's a fellow followin' me to make sure I do.
Gene Autry: All right, start shootin'!
Pat Buttram: Has the sun got you or somethin'?
Gene Autry: Just be sure that your aim's bad.
Pat Buttram: My aim's never bad! Oh, I see. My aim's got to be good by bein' bad.

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: You gotta put me away, Sheriff! I'm dangerous. I can't face life; I can't go on - not after what I done to those poor men - doin' away with three men and robbin' 'em of two dollars.
Bearded Deputy: You did away with three men for two dollars?
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: Well, two dollars here and two dollars there - it soon mounts up.

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show
[Gene stops a runaway wagon full of alfalfa]
Wagon Driver: What in tarnation is going on here?
Gene Autry: I lost my friend in your load of alfalfa.
Wagon Driver: Your friend? What is he, a jackass?
Gene Autry: The jury's still out on that one. Come on out, Pat. [Pat emerges from the wagon spitting out a mouthful of alfalfa]
Gene Autry: There he is - decide for yourself.

TV Show: The Gene Autry Show