Four Star Playhouse Quotes

Joan Robinson: And despite the fact that I told the truth, everybody believed you. And because they did, it was assumed that I was something that I wasn't and never pretended to be. Now they call me a cheat and a liar. Who cheated? Who lied? You knew they were just an ordinary string of beads, Count Borselli. I don't know why you did it, it doesn't matter now, but you must be very satisfied. Your hoax was a huge success.
Count Bocelli: Miss Robinson, just a moment.
Joan Robinson: No.
Count Bocelli: Please.
Joan Robinson: All right. Why did you do it?
Count Bocelli: A whim, if you will. The party seemed dull, the people pretentious, and their attitude toward you left much to be desired.
Joan Robinson: And your attitude toward me - what that any better? If it was such a good joke, couldn't you have let me in on it? Perhaps I might have enjoyed it too.
Count Bocelli: You seem to be enjoying yourself very much lately, Miss Robinson. We both knew it was an illusion, didn't we? But then, what else is happiness? And now you're furious with me. Ah, well, I wish I could undo the mischief. I shall of course explain everything to Mrs. Livingston.
Joan Robinson: It's a little late for explanations.
Count Bocelli: Well then, at least let me make some small reparation by asking you out to dinner tonight.
Joan Robinson: Thank you very much. I already have an invitation for tonight. Good-bye, Count Borselli.

TV Show: Four Star Playhouse
Laura: I suppose he gave her the pearls she's wearing as a wedding gift?
Himself - Host: No, it's the same ordinary string of beads that started it all. She's rarely seen without them. Of course, their value has increased enormously if you measure it by the happiness they've brought her.

TV Show: Four Star Playhouse
Murderer: It's all gone wrong. It should have been so easy. I saw this house. Deserted, isolated. I thought I'd stay here and rest. Then he came, with that sign of his. I had to kill him!

TV Show: Four Star Playhouse