Wildfire Quotes

Danielle Davis: All work and no sex makes Dani a dull girl.

TV Show: Wildfire
Matt Ritter: Love is... kind. No, uh, love is... uh... love is patient. And it's really, really hard. In fact, it's probably the hardest thing any of us will ever attempt. But, what's the point of life? To go through it with the least amount of wear and tear as possible? Or... to live it? So, you take a chance on someone. It starts with tat little spark. It's the greatest part. Everybody loves that part. And that person makes the toughest times better. By helping you out when work makes you crazy. And then you start disagreeing about what movie you wanna see or you forget a birthday. You start fighting about how you want the napkins to look. Swans? And you're mad and she's mad, and all of a sudden, it seems so easy to just get out. Run away. It's weird, the universe always sends a sign that you're making a big mistake. A piano lands on your head, or a horse get loose and delays an entire wedding. What the universe is trying to tell you is: when you find the person that makes your life a crazy mess, they're one in a million. And you can't ever let them go. You just can't.

TV Show: Wildfire
Dani: [to Isabelle] Are you my mother?

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: [to Tina] ... but I'll never see things the same way as you!

TV Show: Wildfire
Junior: I want you to know that I'm an honorable man. I could've just waited five minutes and you would've been entirely...
Kris: Go home. If Pablo sees you...
Junior: Pablo's in his house. His light is on. I can see him from here.
Kris: What are you doing here?
Junior: I thought you'd might like to go to a hottub party with us.
Kris: Thanks. I don't have a suit.
Junior: Who said anything about suits?
Kris: Cute. I don't think so.
Junior: You're right. I'd rather be alone with you anyway.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: You are so lucky you dont even know to live in a place like this I grew up in a four- plex behind a bowling alley.
Matt: Be carful what you wish for.
Kris: Oh come on you don't like it here?
Matt: When you've been mucking stalls your whole life, I mean when I'm done with school I'm outta here.
Kris: To do what?
Matt: Anything except the family business. I want to know what it's like outside of Freemont, California.
Kris: Yeah well, you might be disappointed.
Matt: Sounds like you've had some experience.
Kris: Yeah.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: [to Jean] I've made some mistakes and I paid for them. I hope I don't have to keep paying for them my entire life.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: [to Dani] What are you trying to do to me?

TV Show: Wildfire
Amber: [after insulting Kris] I'm sorry, she totally freaked me out. I thought she was going to hit me!
Matt: I was going to hit you!

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: I swear, I will never kiss another boy again, ever!

TV Show: Wildfire
Dani: Don't you dare!
Junior: Or, you can call this whole thing with Kris an unfortunate misunderstanding.
[Pause, Dani looking shocked.]
Dani: I hate you.
Junior: I knew you'd understand.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: Can you two stop it? Don't you get it, they could stick me with another parole violation and I could go back to LaGrange. I don't give a rat's ass about some Polly.
Junior: Molly.
Matt: Junior. Shut up.
Junior: I'm sorry Kris.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: I wish I could tell him I didn't leave him.
Pablo: It's all about trust and you lost his, we all have.
Kris: Yeah, well it's a mean world and maybe he's right. Maybe you shouldn't trust everyone who gives you a carrot.

TV Show: Wildfire
Jean: [waving Kris to sit down] No, no, no. You to. I want you to know I should fire you for what happened yesterday, but Junior Davis told me what his sister did to you.
Kris: I shouldn't have hit her.
Jean: Yeah, that's right.
Kris: I didn't know what else to do!
Jean: You come to me. It's hard for you to trust me, isn't it?
Kris: Yeah, it is.
Jean: Well you're just going to have to take a chance. I'm here. I'm telling you that. You got time. Your safe now Kris. OK, then, um... you've got some unpacking to do, right?
Kris: Right. Thank you.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: Can I ride with you?
Junior: I was just about to ask if you wanted to drive.
Kris: You had to ask.

TV Show: Wildfire
Junior: You are such a psycho, if he were so in love with you he wouldn't have dumped you.

TV Show: Wildfire
Junior: For God Sake's, I'll keep my hands on the wheel.
Kris: You will, or I'll break both of your arms.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: Hey. Thanks for getting Dani to drop the charges against me.
Junior: Anytime. I'm full of good deeds. You just have to ask.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: Mom? Mom wait! Mom I'm sorry. Matt took the ring. I should have believed you.
Barb: Does that mean you're coming with me?
Kris: I can't -- I just -- Are you mad?
Barb: Mad? No. I'm a little hurt, I guess.

TV Show: Wildfire
Dani: [to Sasha] Were those free with the tummy tuck and the lipo?

TV Show: Wildfire
Bobby: The good news is I'm hosting a little soiree at my place tomorrow. Cocktails, swimming, hotties...
Matt: Whoo! Three of our favorite things.

TV Show: Wildfire
Matt: What about Dani?
Junior: We can only hope her dark master calls her back to hell.

TV Show: Wildfire
Danni: All work and no sex make Danni a dull girl.
Bobby: Girl, does your daddy even know where you are?

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: How is everything?
Matt: Great thanks, I'll meet you at the car.
Junior: Here you go, keep the change.
Kris: Whats this?
Junior: A tip.
Kris: Five dollars is a tip this is something different.
Junior: Yeah payment for the grief and the three dinners my sister sent back.
Kris: I'll get the change.

TV Show: Wildfire
Dani: What's she doing here?
Junior: Waiting tables. Trying to decide whether to spit or put a dead cockroach in your salad.

TV Show: Wildfire
Jean: I just wanna know what's in his [Matt's] mind.
Charlie: She's probably blonde and naked.

TV Show: Wildfire
Kris: So, you didn't want to?
Junior: No, you didn't.

TV Show: Wildfire
Junior: What's the big deal? Go to a club. Spend some time together. Friends plus benefits.
Kris: I don't know.
Junior: One night of fun and romance. I guarantee you'll be back for more, and if not, no hard feelings.
Kris: Pick me up at 8: 30.

TV Show: Wildfire
Junior: So, back home to the wicked stepsisters?
Kris: Huh, not even.
Junior: Well just so you know, I put the claim in on Wildfire before we went out. Come on. Tell me I'm a great guy.
Kris: Yeah, you were a great guy...today.[Leans over and kisses him]

TV Show: Wildfire
Pablo: [to Jean] If Wildfire goes, I'm gonna follow.

TV Show: Wildfire