Invasion America Quotes

[David is speeding on Jim's motorcycle]
Jim Bailey: Uh…how about bringing it down to Mach 1, okay? Personal favor?

TV Show: Invasion America
[Upon learning and disapproving of the Dragit's plans]
Rafe: Treason!
Dragit: Revolution.

TV Show: Invasion America
Rita Carter: I'm Rita. Oh, uh- you put your hand in mine, and then up, and down. It's this little custom we have on Earth.
Cale Oosha: Yosh. I have read of this.
Rita: You really are from out there!

TV Show: Invasion America
Rafe: Let's go while there's time.
Rita: Go where? You can't go back to your spaceship; do you have a back-up plan? …Any plan?

TV Show: Invasion America
[Cale hands Rita orb]
Cale: Keep this. It is your path to me.
Rita: How?
Cale: You'll know when the time comes.

TV Show: Invasion America
[telling Rafe to stay behind]
Cale: They need you. Serve them as you served me. Protect them as you protected me. And, Rafe...teach him, as you taught me. He is our future.

TV Show: Invasion America
Gen. Konrad: Your lab work is outstanding Major Stark. Think of it- a species not of this Earth- and the tabloids got it right for a change.

TV Show: Invasion America
[looking at a museum exhibit]
Jim: Mmm…I love these things.
David Carter: Didn't think you liked history.
Jim: Oh, I don't. Ask me how I feel about topless native women.

TV Show: Invasion America
David: In one day my world has been taken from me- my home, my mom- my life. Why? Why is this happening to me?

TV Show: Invasion America
David: Where did my father go?
Rafe: To lead the fight against the Dragit.
David: Who’s Dragit?
Rafe: A warlord who plans to invade Earth.
David: Invade Earth? Why?
Rafe: He claims he’s saving Tyrus. The Ooshati- those who follow your father- disagree.

TV Show: Invasion America
Rafe: We call it the Exotar- the symbol of sovereignty, eight hundred of your ancestors have worn it. We called your father Cale-Oosha, our lawful ruler. As you will be someday. Put it on.
[Exotar glows, molds to David’s hand]
David: Did you see it? It changed to fit me!
Rafe: When its sensors identified your genetic code, it adjusted to you. If you were not the son of Cale, it would have crushed your hand.

TV Show: Invasion America
[about an attacking Tyrusian soldier]
David: He looks American.
Rafe: So do I.

TV Show: Invasion America
[David grabs Rafe's second gun]
Rafe: Do you know how to use that?
David: I go to the movies.

TV Show: Invasion America
Major Phil Stark: I do not like being shot at.

TV Show: Invasion America
[while planning attack on underground base]
Suta: What if they release the manglers?
Rafe: Then…they win.

TV Show: Invasion America
[watching Rafe]
David: What is it, Halloween?
Rafe: Tyrusian war paint. Black represents the darkness within, grey the spirit of the warrior. [applies green]
David: What’s that represent?
Rafe: Nothing. I like the color.

TV Show: Invasion America
Konrad: How much longer to arm the destruct sequence?
Tyrusian 1: A minute, sir, maybe less.
Konrad: Seal off the core, release the manglers.
Tyrusian 1: But sir, our men are in there.
Konrad: Do it.
Tyrusian 1: No, sir, we can’t.
[Konrad shoots Tyrusian 1]
Konrad: [pointing gun at Tyrusian 2] You do it.

TV Show: Invasion America
Pilot: You can’t fly this thing!
David: Watch me.

TV Show: Invasion America
[targetting an enemy ship]
David: Just like a video game…

TV Show: Invasion America
Konrad: [pointing gun] What? No heroics? No super acts of courage? I’m disappointed in you, Rafe. But I’ll get over it.

TV Show: Invasion America
David: I’m half human, half alien, and altogether alone. But I will never stop fighting.

TV Show: Invasion America
Stark: I’d like to speak to the general.
Gen. Gordon: So would we. [2 men carrying a covered stretcher pass in foreground] But it’s gonna take a real high clearance.

TV Show: Invasion America
[While wandering, lost, in the Utah desert]
David: I didn’t know…how long, how far I wandered. Hours, miles…it didn’t matter. The sun was always right on top of me. I had to contact the Ooshati, the freedom fighters loyal to my father. But the only transmitter was back on Maple Island, and that meant finding my way out of a million square miles of kitty litter.

TV Show: Invasion America
[hallucinating from heat exhaustion]
David: The visions lasted for hours. I saw Mom [tries to hug Rita but she vanishes]…Rafe…[Rafe mirage morphs into Cale] …and my father. I’d never known how to imagine him before. In my dreams he was never a face…just a deep voice I could never understand, or a strong arm around my shoulders. I tried to tell myself he was there to help me, to give me the strength and courage to survive. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past forty-eight hours [Cale mirage crouches] is that things are never what they seem. [Cale turns into mangler] This vision was real.

TV Show: Invasion America
[after being rescued from mangler]
David: [panting] Thanks, I owe you one.
Doc: Huh. You owe me a freezer full of good meat.

TV Show: Invasion America
Sergeant Angie Romar: Something’s not right.
Stark: You getting spirit messages now?
Romar: My gypsy heritage.

TV Show: Invasion America
[being pursued by a sheriff]
David: He’s gaining on us.
Doc: Well, what do you want me to do, kid? Fly? Turn invisible? This heap didn’t even come with air conditioning!

TV Show: Invasion America
[Doc is hauling a motorcycle out of hiding]
Doc: Figured I might need something faster than that truck someday. It’s yours if you want it. I put a few gimmicks on it might come in handy. It can do most anything you ask it to…dern near fly.
David: I can’t take this from you.
Doc: Take it. Like I said, I’m no hero…but maybe you are.

TV Show: Invasion America
David: There were two obstacles: police everywhere looking for me…and I was starving. I never thought I’d risk my life for a cheeseburger.

TV Show: Invasion America
David: What’s going on?
Man 1: One of them meteors!
Man 2: It’s…coming straight at us!

TV Show: Invasion America