The Powerpuff Girls Quotes

Ameoba Boys: Well?
Princess: You gave them dolls?
Ameoba Boys: Voodoo dolls! Let the torture begin!
Mojo Jojo: You pinheads! You're not supposed to give them the dolls! The dolls are what you stick the needles in!
Ameoba Boys: So? What's your point?

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Blossom: We're the Powerpuff Girls.
Buttercup: We fight crime.
Blossom: That's what we do.
Bubbles: Duh.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Girls: Mayor?
Buttercup: We brought your candy back.
Bubbles: And Mojo too! See? He... wasn't... really... bad after all. It...
Blossom: We're sorry, Mayor.
Bubbles: We want to apologize.
Blossom: Okay, you don't have to look at us, but at least hear us out. You see, we convinced Mojo to commit crimes.
Buttercup: Then we could save the day...
Bubbles: ...and get rewarded with candy.
Blossom: But then Mojo and the candy got the better of us.
Buttercup: We were out of control
Bubbles: We're sorry.
Mayor: And you yelled at me!
Girls: We're sorry.
Mayor: You poor girls, caught up in all that!
Blossom: So you forgive us?
Mayor: Well, you did make a mistake, but you realized what wrong you caused and set things right by telling the truth. And for that, you deserve a reward!
Blossom: Oh, Mayor, after all the trouble we caused?
Mayor: All righty, if that's the way you feel.
Blossom: Maybe just one piece.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Museum Guard #1: Who would win in a fight, Mega Man or Mondo Dude?
Museum Guard #2: Oh, Mega Man, totally!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Professor Utonium: Powerpuff hotline.
Mayor: Oh, this is terrible! Terrible!
Professor Utonium: Well, Mr. Terrible, I'm sorry, but this line is reserved for...
Mayor: No, no, no! This is the Mayor! I need the girls immediately!
Professor Utonium: [laughing] Sorry, Mayor. See, I thought you were... [the Mayor screams over the line]
Professor Utonium: Sorry. Hold on, Mayor.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Steve: Better heroes, huh? Listen, girls. My name is Steve. I'm a monster. I've been coming here for three days, causing all sorts of damage to your town. And what do I get? Two days of no-shows, and now this. A flag girl who does rope tricks, some rabbit, and Little Miss Darkness who's afraid of a little sun.
Buttercup: Hey! Do you have any idea who you're talking to?
Bubbles: We're superheroes!
Blossom: Real ones!
Steve: Yeah, well, that's great and all, but what am I supposed to tell the guys back on Monster Isle? You see, when a monster visits Townsville, he must fight the Powerpuff Girls. And if he can hold his own and make it back to Monster Isle alive, he's a hero. Now this new bit is just not gonna cut it. Sure, you didn't have a thirst for vengeance, stickers with your face on them, or souped-up vehicles, cause you didn't need them! See? Even if you take away the costumes, props, and angst, you still have all the bravery and courage it takes to save the day. So what do you say? Powerpuff Girls?
Blossom: Let's get him, girls!
Steve: Now that's better!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Bossman: Hi, I'm Bossman. And this is Skinny Slim and Tiny. We're the Amoeba Boys, and we're bad guys! But we got a problem, though.
[Cut to a park; the Amoeba boys are standing on the grass next to a “Stay off the Grass” sign; the Girls are playing, ignoring them]
Bossman: No matter what unthinkable crime we commit, it’s never good enough for those stinkin' Powerpuffs.
[Back to the Boys]
Bossman: Oh, sure, we try to be tough. We try to be "hardened criminals". But all we ever hear is...
[Cut to them and the Girls in the park again]
Blossom: Bad guys, shmad guys.
Bubbles & Buttercup: You're cute!
[Back to the Boys]
Bossman: Gaaah! It's enough to make you wanna crawl back to the petri dish!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Girls: Not so fast --- oh.
Blossom: It's just you, Amoeba Boys.
Bossman: Whaddaya mean "just us"?! I’ll have you know we were just about to comit the crime of the century! So why don't you just watch? Come on!
[The Amoeba Boys cross the street, and then come back.]
Bossman: Well?
Powerpuff Girls: What was that?
Bossman: Jaywalking! Crosswalk over there, a crosswalk over there, and us right through the middle! NOW LET'S FIGHT!
Blossom: Aww, you guys are cute, but you'll have to do better than that.
Amoeba Boys: [Crying] But that's the best we can do!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Blossom: Have you ever tried robbing a bank?
Amoeba Boys: [Shocked] That's impossible!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Amoeba Boys: [Interrupting the trial of the Girls] Hey, Powerpuff Girls!
Powerpuff Girls: Amoeba Boys!
[The Amoeba Boys are holding the cash bags from the robbery]
Bossman: What’do we do with these?

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Skinny Slim: (while being pummeled by Bubbles) Duh, hit me, baby! Yes!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Blossom: Gee, I sure hope we can find a trail.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
[After changing everyone in Townsville into dogs with the Anubis Head]
Mojo Jojo: All right, you flea-bitten curs! Heel! I, Mojo Jojo, am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! Obeying commands is what you will do! I will give you commands, and you will obey them!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Blossom: Not so fast...
Buttercup: Mojo...
Bubbles: Jojo!
[The Girls are changed into dogs]
Mojo Jojo: Too late, Powerpuffs! Or should I say, "Power-pups"?

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Mugger: [Holding an old woman at gunpoint] Uh... everybody freeze or the old lady gets it!
[The crowd gasps in terror]
Major Man: Halt, vile villain, or taste the bitter flavor of justice that Major Man will serve you!
Buttercup: Cor-ny!
[The crowd shushes her.]

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Narrator: It appears our Girls are being secretly monitored. But by who? [upon seeing who it is, he is suddenly scared] Oh, no! Not... I-- I-- I can't say it! This is a villain so evil, so sinister, so horribly vile, that even the utterance of his name strikes fear into the hearts of men! The only safe way to refer to this king of darkness is simply... Him!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Bossman: Blossom, come watch us do a crime!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
[Being chased by Boogie Man]

Bubbles: Buttercup? Blossom? Oh No! I - I can't do it alone! [Crying]
Professor Utonium: Bubbles, if you can just face your fears, then I know you can find the courage to beat him.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Narrator: The city of Townsville! And what a beautiful city she is, full of--
[A phone rings]
Narrator: Oh, excuse me. [Answers phone] Uh... hello?
Ace: [Over phone] Yeah, listen, jerkface, you good for nothin' toad!
Narrator: You can't talk to me like that!
Ace: [Over phone] How 'bout this? I THINK YOU STINK! I CAN SMELL YA OVER THE PHONE!
Narrator: Why I oughta... WHO IS THIS?!
[The caller hangs up]
Narrator: Hello?! Hello?!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Him: [To Mojo Jojo on the phone; demonic voice]Mojo! It's me... [Effeminate voice] Him!
Mojo Jojo: Oh! Yes, sir! What is it?
Him: [Demonic]You wouldn't believe what just happened!
Mojo Jojo: The Powerpuff Girls just broke in unexpected?
Him: WHAT?! How did you know?!
Mojo Jojo: The same thing happened to me and Fuzzy Lumpkins. He's on the other line.
Him: Well, put him on!
[Mojo puts Fuzzy on the line]
Fuzzy Lumpkins: [Shaking with fury] BUSHWHACKED IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT!!
Him: This is an outrage!
Mojo Jojo: You are right! We are all citizens! Evil citizens, but citizens nonetheless!
Fuzzy Lumpkins: BIRTHDAY SUIT!! [Cries]

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
[Mojo Jojo's letter to the Girls: ]
Dear Powerpuff Girls,
I have kidnapped Professor Utonium! I have taken him someplace against his will! If you look for him in the spots he likes to be, you will not find him! He's with me - but not by choice! I took him and he didn't like it!
This message is from, and was written by, Mojo Jojo.
Bubbles: [after reading it] Who could have done this?
[Blossom and Buttercup look annoyed]

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Loyd & Floyd: Hey, dude!
Mitch Mitchelson: What?!
Loyd & Floyd: Dude! Dude!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Blossom: You know what you have to do!
Buttercup: No! Anything but that!
Blossom: Buttercup--
Buttercup: No, no, no, no, no! All right! ELMER!!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Buttercup: [To Elmer, who has turned into a giant paste monster, and is covered in flour; sing-song voice] You can't stick to me! You can't stick to me! Nyah nyah nyah-nyah--
[Elmer grows a hole in his stomach and Buttercup flies through it]
Buttercup: --Nyah???

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Mojo Jojo: Now to have some breakfast!
[He finds only one egg in the fridge]
Mojo Jojo: ONE EGG LEFT?! For a nutritious breakfast, TWO eggs is the minimum requirement! And I have but ONE, which is ONE shy of TWO! And it is TWO that I need! Curses! I must immediately purchase some eggs, for I need to have breakfast, and without the eggs I cannot have the breakfast that I so require!
[He storms down the long staircase that runs to the bottom of the volcano, then suddenly skids to a halt]
Mojo Jojo: [pats his outift in panic] I have forgotten my wallet! Curses!
[He storms back up]
[Cut to him returning down, to discover kids playing in his moat]
[The kids ignore him]
Mojo Jojo: [leaving] I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Brick: I know, let's punch each other in the face until someone says, “Hey, stop punching me in the face.” You first, Boomer. [punches Bubbles, who is posing as Boomer.]
[Brick and Butch laugh; Bubbles gets teary-eyed]
Bubbles: Heh, funny. Okay, my turn.
Brick: Nah, I'm sick of that game.

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Bubbles: [Picks up the phone] Hello?
Mojo Jojo: Hello. May I speak to Professor Utonium?
Bubbles: Who shall I say is calling?
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no one he'd know, just a curious stranger.
Bubbles: [Yelling]PROFESSOR! There’s a stranger on the phone!
Professor: [picking up the phone] Hello, Mr. Stranger, what can I do for you?
Mojo Jojo: Oh. [Clears throat] Ah, hi, I’m calling from Townsville Community College and I’m doing a report on the Powerpuff Girls, and I was wondering, what exactly are those little girls made of?
Professor: Ah, oh, well, the Powerpuff Girls. Oh, let’s see now, eight cups of sugar, a pinch of spice, one tablespoon of everything nice, and, now this one’s important: accidentally add a drop of Chemical X. And voila!
Mojo Jojo: That's it? I mean, wow. Thanks.
Professor: I also have a great recipe for pound--
[Mojo hangs up]

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
Mojo Jojo: Let’s see, snips and snails and a puppy dog’s tail . . . all that leaves is Chemical X. There must be something around here with that potency. Aha! [it’s a stinky toilet] Yes, definitely Chemical X!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls
[After creating three Puff-esque boys, Mojo hugs them in a fatherly manner]
Mojo Jojo: Ah, my children!
Brick: [grabs him threateningly] Hands off! Who do you think you are anyway, Pops?!
Mojo Jojo: Why, yes, I am your father, children!
Boomer: Hey! We ain't no babies!
Boomer: Boomer!
Brick: Brick!
Butch: Butch!
Brick: We're here to kick some butt! And since yours is the only one around, we're gonna start with you!
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no, boys. You don’t want to kick my butt; my butt is as rotten as yours. What you want are butts settled on the throne of justice!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Yeah!
Mojo Jojo: Butts planted in the soil of nobility!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Yeah!
Mojo Jojo: Butts nestled between the pillars of peace and love! The butts you want to kick are the butts of the Powerpuff Girls!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Let's get 'em!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls