The Powerpuff Girls Quote

Powerpuff Girls: Not so fast --- oh.
Blossom: It's just you, Amoeba Boys.
Bossman: Whaddaya mean "just us"?! I’ll have you know we were just about to comit the crime of the century! So why don't you just watch? Come on!
[The Amoeba Boys cross the street, and then come back.]
Bossman: Well?
Powerpuff Girls: What was that?
Bossman: Jaywalking! Crosswalk over there, a crosswalk over there, and us right through the middle! NOW LET'S FIGHT!
Blossom: Aww, you guys are cute, but you'll have to do better than that.
Amoeba Boys: [Crying] But that's the best we can do!

TV Show: The Powerpuff Girls


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