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Cynthia Webb: [seeing Divinci in her dressing room] Isn't this breaking and entering?
Divinci: I don't know, I'm homicide, we don't learn that stuff.

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Finn: [hands Ollie a bill] Here, have yourselves a fling.
Ollie: A dollar? We can't do much flinging on a dollar.

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Marjorie Beasley: A lady's reputation is all she has.

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Marjee Sorelli: Have you all been talking about me behind my back? I'm not Rose!

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Rose Sorelli: Why am I always at the bottom of the phone chain?
Marjee Sorelli: Because you're the youngest and we don't care about your feelings.

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Rose Sorelli: Why do you always have to pick on me?
Flash: I don't *have* to - I choose to.

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Anne: Do you know what's three blocks that way?
Marjee: a Homeless guy who points his crotch and says come visit to magic kingdom?

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