Quantum Leap Quotes

Al: Their only desire is for you to pamper them, and play with their...
Sam: Al!
Al: With their hair! Their hair!

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Dr. Sam Beckett: I know how a man throws a ball... [throws a baseball hard]
Dr. Sam Beckett: ...and how he throws a punch. [knockes Buddy out cold]
Dr. Sam Beckett: I am ready to leap, NOW! [leaps out]

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Dr. Sam Beckett: Unbelievable! I've leaped into the Adams Family.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: Who created this Ziggy?
Al: You. Quantum Leap is your baby. You're the genius behind it. At least you were before your brain got magnafoogled.
Sam: No, no, see, I'm a medical doctor. I found that much out.
Al: You hold six doctorates, Sam. Medicine is just one. Your special gift was quantum physics. Time magazine even called you the next Einstein. The truth is, if there's one guy who could figure how to bring you back... its you.
Sam: And I can't even remember my name!
Al: [Pausing, and deciding to break Sam's own rule, even though Al knows Sam will use the information to contact his father] Beckett. Sam Beckett

TV Show: Quantum Leap
[his life in the 70's]
Sam: Great. I'm on the take, I wear polyester clothes and I live above a bar in an apartment decorated like a gym.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
[Sam couldn't save JFK from being shot]
Al: Your swiss-cheesed brain probably doesn't remember, but... the first time around, Oswald killed Jackie, too.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And if you do, take pictures.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: That's if I'm a human. I'm not a human — I'm a chimp. We don't have rules for chimps, do we?

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: It's much worse than death... in two days, she goes home... she spends the rest of her life alone... without love... in Cleveland.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: Revenge is mine, thus sayeth the hologram.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: What do you got on Al?
Ziggy: He is 175.26 cm tall, weighs 70.91—
Sam: Ziggy!
Ziggy: Yes, Doctor?
Sam: Give me what I want, baby.
Ziggy: Oooh. If you weren't my father...

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: Dammit Ziggy! Tell me something I don't know!
Ziggy: Tina's having an affair with Gushie.
Sam: Something to help Al.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap was a science fiction television program which ran from 1989 to 1993 on NBC starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: Your best bet is to stop moving until all electrical activity in the brain ceases.
Sam: That's called death.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: I love my favorite-it's one of my favorites.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: It always amazes me what your Swiss-cheesed brain chooses to remember.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: At 22: 15 Greenwich Mean Time, you must plug in a thousand-watt hairdryer in a house located at 111 Erie Drive, Buffalo, New York.
Sam: What?!

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: Wanna bite? Oh, I'm sorry, you're a hologram.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: We've got Clapper.
Al: Careful, Sam--there was no cure for that in 1953.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: In two days, the Russians are going to shoot down the U-2.
Sam: The rock group?

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: How do I act retarded?
Al: Just act natural.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: The fact that you were a practicing pervert at the age of 5 has nothing to do with the rest of the world!

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Dana: Don't tell me there's not any light.... You brought me up here to a cabin to get murdered without electricity?!
[Sam turns on a lamp.]
Sam: See? Light, to shoot you by.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: Ziggy says the odds are real good.
Sam: How good?
Al: Oh, you know. They're way up there.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Sam: Do you have to sneak up on me?
Al: I'm sorry. What do you expect a hologram to do? Knock?

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Mary: Who are you?
Fake Al: Yin and yang, good and bad. God...
Sam: ...The Devil.
Fake Al: In the flesh, so to speak.
Mary: This isn't possible!
Sam: Come on Al, tell me he's not real...
Al: Uh...I...you...ah...he's real. Oh Sam, he's very real.
Mary: What is happening?
Sam: Why are you doing this?
Fake Al: To put an end to your meddling. Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong?!
Sam: I'm just trying to get home.
Fake Al: Well you're not going to make it!

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: What's with Ebenezer there?
Sam: He's ready to tear down the mission with his bare hands, Al; I think I'm making things worse.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Blake: I know you. You're that jerk from the lobby.
Al: I am the Ghost of Christmas Future. Whoo-haha!
Blake: Please. The Ghost of Christmas Future wore a black cape. Jacob Marley had the chains.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: She think's she's having her baby in an alien spaceship.

TV Show: Quantum Leap
Al: Shake your booty.

TV Show: Quantum Leap