Naruto - Shippuden Quotes

Konohamaru: How was that? A real drool of a ninjutsu, wasn't it?
Naruto: Hehehe... [turns serious] Konohamaru, sorry, but I'm not a kid anymore. From now on, you shouldn't use that jutsu either.
Sakura: [smiling sadly and thinking] ...So... Naruto hasn't just matured in appearance... This makes me feel a little sad. You really have become amazing... Naruto. I'm sure you've come back with a lot of great new jutsu too, right...
Naruto: [with a comically exaggerated look of excitement on his face] Such a jutsu is now mediocre, Konohamaru! Behold! The new Super Hottie Jutsu I've been developing! Here we goooo!
Sakura: [smiling] Aha, new ninjutsu, you say, Super Hotti... [punches Naruto] Super Hottie Jutsu? YOU IDIOT!!!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Iruka: Hey Naruto, long time no see.
Naruto: Iruka sensei, guess what! I beat Kakashi!!!
Iruka: That's pretty impressive. But you've still got a long way to go before you're ready to beat me.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Naruto: : Ichiraku's ramen is the best.
Iruka: Isn't it?
Naruto: But something's not right.
Iruka: Naruto, here I thought I'd treat you to some ramen since it's been so long and you're going to complain about it?
Naruto: No, that's not what I meant! I don't have any problem with the ramen!
Iruka: Then, what?
Naruto: I wanted the next time Iruka-sensei treated me to ramen to be when I became a Chunin.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Naruto: That's just wrong.
Sakura: Grown men playing piggyback... It's almost creepy.
TenTen: Oh, brother.
Neji: (says nothing)
Lee: What the-? Oh, I see! It's a training exercise!
Gai: Come on, slow pokes! What's wrong? Can't keep up?
Sakura: It's even weirder when they're in motion...
Lee: Neji?
Neji: Forget it!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: What's taking them? I wish they would just hurry up and get in here, hmm... Sasori, my man? I thought you didn't like to wait.
Sasori: You're right...I hate it!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara': Don't be impatient! We'll deal with our old friend Orochimaru in time. We have only three years in which to prepare, and we all know what we need to do to be ready, right?"
Sasori: Are you sure that one bag you brought with you is enough? Your opponent is a Jinchuriki.
Deidara': My jutsu is a masterpiece. And I'm also carrying my specialty. After all, my opponent is the One-Tailed Shukaku.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
(During a flashback)
Kankuro: Gaara, give it up. I don't want to say this... The village only thinks of you as a weapon of terror. You'll have a really hard time if you leave us and join a regular squad. The higher-ups don't think much of you. And most of the villagers are still terrified of you.
Gaara: I know that. But doing nothing will cause more fear and suffering. In order to escape a path of loneliness, I have no choice but to work hard and make my own path. If I do that, then someday... Someday... I can be like him. That's why I will become Kazekage as a Shinobi of Sand. So I can live a life connected to my village.
Kankuro: Gaara...
Gaara: I want to work hard so that others will accept my existence. That's what I thought when I looked at Naruto Uzumaki. Up until now, my bonds with others have only been ones of pain. But, seeing him fight so hard made me wonder what a bond really is. I think I understand a little now. Suffering, sadness... and joy. To be able to share it with another person...Naruto Uzumaki... When I fought him, I feel that is what he taught me. He knows the same suffering as I do. And he taught me that you can change how you live your life. Someday, I want my existence to be necessary to others.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Sakura: Naruto, what did we just say?! Stick together-
Naruto: I CAN'T TAKE THIS!! I know why they're after Gaara and me. Sakura, you know why, too, don't you? (no response) There's no need to it...The Kyuubi is sealed inside of me. (Temari acts surprised, Kakashi acknowledges his sorrow and Sakura is surprised to remember he is the same boy the entire village shunned during childhood)
Villagers: -Hey, isn't that the one? -How disgusting! Let's leave!
Naruto: Gaara and I are the same... We both have monsters locked inside us. That's what those guys are after. I... HATE IT! They just see us as monsters! As means to an end!
Gaara: (memory) "A demon huh? My demon is as real as yours is. I was born a monster.
Naruto: He was just like I was. (Temari understands) And he fought all on his own a lot longer than I did. (Temari sulks)
Sakura: (feeling uttermost compassion and sympathy) Naruto...
Gaara: (memory) To them, I'm just a relic from the past that they want to erase. Then why should I continue to exist? I thought about it, but couldn't find an answer. But, one needs a reason to live. Otherwise, it's the same as being dead.
Naruto: He's been targeted by Akatsuki! We're the same, again! And despite that... Why does everything bad always have to happen to him?! It's always him! That's why... That's why I can't waste a second! This time, I want to save him as fast as I can!
Temari: (sulking in sympathy for Naruto and Gaara. A tear falls to her face, coming from Naruto's eyes. She realizes he truly understands the torment her brother suffered) Naruto, I... Thank you...

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: I merely take on contracts to blow things up... with my art, that is, h'm!
Sasori: Your art?
[Deidara holds up a clay spider]
Deidara: Behold! Aren't you impressed? The product pursuing refined linework matched with two-dimensional deformation! H'm! Now this is art! But my art doesn't end here! None of my works are static! When they have physical form, they're little more than models, h'm! But this explodes! And with that explosion, its essence is propelled to greatness, at that moment of becoming the true work of art I intended! And in that fleeting moment of grandeur that I see true art! H'm! Art is an explosion!!
Sasori: Darn, he's annoying...
Kisame: Is he done now...?
Itachi: Who knows...

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Guy: That sword...!
Kisame: So you've finally remember at last?
Guy: ...It's your sword, right??!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Sasori: Itachi, this Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki, what is he like?
Pain: Go on, tell him.
Itachi: He's the one who bursts in and starts barking.
Sasori: What do you mean?
Deidara: Doesn't he have any identifying characteristics, other than barking?

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: Finally. Well then, which one of you is the Jinchruriki?
Naruto: You monsters! You'll pay for this!
Sasori: The one who bursts in and starts barking...He must be the Jinchuriki.
Deidara: Sasori my man, I think you're correct.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
[Gai is running off while giving an exhausted Kakashi a piggy-back ride]
Naruto: [thinks] Something about that... is just sick.
Sakura: [thinks] Two grown men playing piggy-back...that's just creepy...
Tenten: [thinks] Oh god... spare me.
Lee: [thinks] I see... it's training!
Gai: Now it'll be a lot faster! Ahahaha! All of you, see if you can keep up!!
Sakura: [thinks]: Running doesn't make it less creepy.
[Lee bends over to offer Neji a ride]
Lee: Neji...Get on my back.
Neji: Forget it!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Tobi: I found it! I found it, Mr. Zetsu! [Tobi takes Sasori's ring and admires it] This means I can become an Akatsuki member now, right? You have a vacant place, after all. [Tobi flips the ring into the air]
Zetsu (one side): Idiot. It's not that simple.
Zetsu (other side): Why not let him? Tobi's a good boy. [Tobi fails to catch the ring as it falls into a crack in the ground as Zetsu walks off.]
Tobi: Mr. Zetsu, wait!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
[Tobi finds Deidara's severed hand in the woods and figures he died in an explosion. Deidara appears soon, alive]
Tobi: My, my, my! You made it in one piece, Deidara? Opps, my mistake.
Deidara: Tobi, keep it up and you're going to regret it. Say something, and I'll give you my favorite form of death!
Tobi: Death by explosion?
Zetsu (black): There's the third time...
Deidara: [locking his legs around Tobi's neck in a chokehold] Death by suffocation, h'm!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Sai: Sorry about before. I wanted to test the abilities of my new teammate.
Naruto: You didn't have to go that far...
Sai: I wanted to see how strong my team mate is, or if the little boy needs help.
[Sakura holds Naruto back as he tries to attack Sai]
Naruto: What was that, you?
Sakura: He's our teammate now, don't start fights with him![to Sai] And that includes you too.
Sai: Oh, really?
Sakura: You won't make any friends if you keep acting like that,
Sai: Oh? But I like everyone. Even you, ugly.
[Yamato holds Sakura back as she tries to attack Sai]
Sakura: What was that, you?
Yamato: Take your own advice.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Naruto: The fourth member of Team Kakashi, now and always... is Sasuke Uchiha! This guy's just a filler. He'll never be like Sasuke! He'll never be a part of the team!
Sai: I'm glad you let that out. Sasuke betrayed the Leaf and joined Orochimaru. The last thing I wish to be like is a treacherous cockroach.
Naruto: You... [Sakura stops him from saying anything]
Sakura: Naruto, remember we're a team. Sai...he doesn't know you that much yet. Please forgive him.
Naruto: S-Sakura...
Yamato: Sigh... Glad someone has some sense.
Sai: That's all right. I'm not offended as all.
Sakura: [smiling] That's a relief. [Sakura punches Sai and sends him flying] I don't care one bit...if you forgive me.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Sai: Why do you go so far for him? Why are you trying so hard to bring him back, willing to risk your life by going up against Orochimaru to do it? Why? You haven’t been ordered to do this.
Naruto: You know...I used to hate Sasuke... But once I got used to being with him I realized he's really a lot of fun to be around...he's more than a friend, he accepted me and my existence. Sasuke is my friend... and we have a bond...
Sai: A… bond? But still, you have to go through Orochimaru...
Naruto: I don’t care who I have to fight! If i can't use my arms, i'll use my legs. If i cant use my legs, i'll stare him down, and if i'm blinded, i'll shout him down. Even if I’m torn to shreds, I’ll defeat Orochimaru and take Sasuke, once and far all!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: You forget I helped you out! You didn't do it alone! If you're a member of the Akatsuki, being cool means not being such a big mouth. In a word, cool equals art. Anyway, in the passionate instant when you begin to feel the cool feelings of art-- [Tobi interrupts]
Tobi: Senpai, you seem to be the big mouth right now... Hahaha! [Deidara gives him an 'evil' look and begins to attack him with explosives] ...I said I was joking! Ahhhh!! Owwww!!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: Now, Tobi! Don't get too cocky! The Three-Tails wasn't in a Jinchuuriki, so it's weak. It didn't have enough smarts to control it's own strength. [Tobi just lies there, silent] ...Hey, Tobi. I didn't mean you had to take it literally. At least say something... [Deidara discovers Tobi has actually fallen asleep, and after another 'evil look', he once again attacks him with explosives]
Tobi: NOOOO!!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Naruto: If I can't look both ways at the same time, all I have to do is split into two and look right while my clone looks left!
Kakashi: And that would mean you got that idea from my clone stunt a moment ago. [thinks] Although it's only an approach available to Naruto with his chakra and shadow clones... I of course, wouldn't be able to do it, but even for the Fourth, it would've been impossible. Naruto really is something. [to Naruto] I must say, you do live up to your title of "most unpredictable ninja". Naruto, how should I put it... I think I'm starting... to fall in love with you!
[Naruto's jutsu fizzles and his clones fade as he reacts, shocked]

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
[Kakuzu has been defeated by Naruto's Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken]
Kakuzu: For me... to be beaten by kids like you...
Kakashi Well to someone who fought the First Hokage, we do look like kids. However, you look like a crazy old man. Thus, here you lie in the dirt and now your time to die has come. From one generation to the next, the following one will continue to surpass the previous.
[Kakashi finishes off Kakuzu]]

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: No doubt about it. My art's gonna finish you off this time.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: ...That's what pisses me off about you! You and your accursed brother!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: Stop acting cool! Those eyes!! Those darned cocky eyes of yours! It drives me insane! Eyes that reject... That disdain my art! I refuse to be looked at by them anymore! Eyes that show no wonder... No appreciation... Eyes that ignore my creations!!
Sasuke: [after a pause] I couldn't care less about all that. Now tell me where Itachi is!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: Even without his Sharingan... he still takes me lightly...

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Deidara: Behold... My masterpiece! Self destruction!!
Sasuke: [thinking] He's insane!!
Deidara: Death will transform me into a work of art! An explosion unlike any of the others... One that will leave scars in the earth like nothing else... A creation worthy of praise unlike anything before it! [thinking] Sorry, Tobi... [To Sasuke] And you... will die! The blast will cover more than 10 kilometers! You'll never get away, hmmm! Now show me your fear! Drown yourself in the awe... and despair! Cry like a lost child! Because my art... IS AN EXPLOSION!!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Tsunade: You're dealing with someone who's strong enough to keep Akatsuki in line. We have no idea of his power... And now you're gonna waltz right onto his turf.
Jiraiya: Yep... I guess I should get moving.
Tsunade: Come back alive... If I lose you, too... I...
Jiraiya: Are you gonna cry for me?! Haha, I'm honored! I don't suppose I'll get as many tears as Dan did, though, ha ha ha!
Tsunade: ...
Jiraiya: Alright, how about we put your gambling skills to use? Put everything you've got on me dying. You always pick the losing bet. And in return, I'll come back alive and well.

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Itachi: I see you learned a little about fighting the Sharingan... You must know what to do when you're alone. Why aren't you running?
Naruto: Pfft! Because with me, my numbers can be anywhere from 1 to 1,000! And I can't afford to run this time. I've gotta capture you so I can find Sasuke!
Itachi: [after a long pause] ...What is it about my brother that makes you care about him so much?
Naruto: Because he's like a brother to me... More of a brother to me than he ever was to you!

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden
Jiraiya: [finishing recalling Nagato, Konan and Yahiko's childhood] Any time there was trouble, whoever opposed your side would wind up dead. A few years after I left, I started hearing your names come up occasionally.
Konan: You have no idea what happened to us after you left, sensei.
Jiraiya: You're absolutely right, I don't. But there's no doubt in my mind that what Akatsuki's doing is wrong!
Pain: [arriving on-scene] That's YOUR opinion... Jiraiya-sensei.
Jiraiya: You've changed a lot, but those eyes... so you're Pain... Eh, Nagato? I guess you didn't grow up like I thought you would. What HAPPENED to you three?
Nagato: [coldly] You don't need to know. You're just an outsider, remember?

TV Show: Naruto - Shippuden