EMR Quotes

Head Agent: No, you don't understand. You've got it all wrong, Mr. Jones.
Adam Jones: What do you mean?
Head Agent: We've given you what you wanted.
Agent 6: You should be thanking us, Mr. Jones.
Head Agent: All that time and effort spent on you and you can't even find it in your heart to thank us. [Agent 6 starts slapping Adam's face again]
Adam Jones: Thank you? Thank you for what? For making my life a ****ing misery? For making me fear my dreams?
Head Agent: No. For giving you what you've longed for. What you've been fantasizing about for years. All those days and weeks and months dreaming of conspiracy. Now you're right in the middle of it, thanks to us and our kind benefactors, and you really haven't a clue what's happening. Can't you just figure it out?

Movie: EMR