The Last Detective Quotes

Dangerous Davies: Fancy a pint?
Mod Lewis: Well, I've never seen an unattractive one.

Movie: The Last Detective
Gerry Jameson: The past is another country.

Movie: The Last Detective
Vera Dulciman: Let me tell you something. If that woman didn't have anything to gossip about, her lungs would collapse.

Movie: The Last Detective
[looking at a suicide victim in the mortuary]
Dangerous Davies: Are you sure that he's dead?
Pathologist: Well I do have his brain in a jar here. So I presume he's dead... or he could be a detective constable working in North London.

Movie: The Last Detective
[Mod is choosing flats based on the women that he'd be sharing with]
DC Davies: You can't base your selection on looks.
Mod: Why not? It's no more arbitrary than choosing any other way. It's Darwinian. It's evolution. It's survival of the fittest.
DC Davies: I don't think Darwin intended "fittest" to mean "good-looking".

Movie: The Last Detective