Diff'rent Strokes Quotes

Arnold Drummond: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

TV Show: Diff'rent Strokes
Jethro Simpson: Whatchoo talkin' bout, Arnold?

TV Show: Diff'rent Strokes
Kimberly Drummond: Well, well, if it isn't Sleeping Beauty.
Willis Jackson: You mean Sleeping Ugly.
Arnold Jackson: I owe you an insult!

TV Show: Diff'rent Strokes
Mr. Horton: After the cartoon's over we'll play Neptune, King of the Sea.
Dudley Ramsey: How do you play that?
Mr. Horton: Well you know it takes a lot of water. Bath tub, rip in the shower. You're going to love it

TV Show: Diff'rent Strokes
Willis Jackson: [Arnold refuses to fight the school bully] Alright, Arnold. Then I'll just tell Mr. Drummond what a coward you are. He'll talk some sense into you. Think he wants a coward for a son?
Arnold Jackson: Awww Willis, please don't say anything to him.
Willis Jackson: Well, somebody's gotta make a man outta you.
Arnold Jackson: What's the rush? I'm barely outta toilet-training.

TV Show: Diff'rent Strokes