Big Love Quotes

Adaleen: We all spend like there's no tomorrow, which we were told there wouldn't be on three occasions. But your father's revelations have been a *little* off the mark lately.

TV Show: Big Love
Adaleen: And what is it you've done?
Nicki Henrickson: I owe sixty thousand dollars in credit cards.
Adaleen: Yes, and?
Nicki Henrickson: No "and", just that! I'm so bad.
Adaleen: Yeah, so?
Nicki Henrickson: I owe sixty thousand dollars in credit cards!
Adaleen: I owe ninety. We needed a new bedroom when your father took Rhonda, I put it on my Discover. We all owe up to our necks. We all spend like there's no tomorrow - which we were told there wouldn't be on three occasions. But your father's revelations have been a little bit off the mark lately, and we're still here. So. See? Under the circumstances, it's excusable.
Nicki Henrickson: Well, not down here it isn't. Here it's a really big deal. If Bill finds out he'll kick me out, I know he will. And why shouldn't he?
Adaleen: That seems a bit harsh, Nicolette.
Nicki Henrickson: I'm begging. Will you talk to Papa for me? He might listen to you.
Adaleen: That's true. I'll take it under advisement.

TV Show: Big Love
Rhonda: I believe obedience is our greatest freedom.

TV Show: Big Love
Wayne Henrickson: He was really scary, mom
Nicolette Grant: All Baptists are, honey.

TV Show: Big Love
Wanda Henrickson: [while calming handing Bill a gun in the lobby of a court house] This is your mother's. She was going to shoot the D.A.

TV Show: Big Love
Sarah: Why can't we just hire a babysitter like everyone else?
Barb: Because we're not everyone else.

TV Show: Big Love
Bill: [seeing his father lying on the floor] Oh good lord!
Lois: He's better today. He's gonna be fine. I don't know why everyone's so up in arms.
Frank: [hoarsely] Don't let me die.

TV Show: Big Love
Bill: [about his father] He's gotta get to a doctor.
Lois: No! Remember when he got his fingers caught in the fan? You said doctors and he was fine!
Bill: He needed 23 stitches!

TV Show: Big Love
Heather: You know, when I'm 21, I really wanna go on a mission and I wish I could go to an Islamic country because I think post-9/11 that part of the world needs our help the most. Don't you think?
Sarah: I think the whole world needs help.

TV Show: Big Love
Roman: [to Bill] Listen to me, son, carefully. There's man's law and there's God's law... and I think you know which side I'm on.

TV Show: Big Love
Barb: [to Nicki and Margie] We're never too far apart when we're holding hands.

TV Show: Big Love
Nicki: [to Barb, about Margie and Bill having loud sex] Can you believe it? It's like a train whistle!

TV Show: Big Love
Lois: [about Frank's arsenic poisoning] How can he suspect me when I didn't do anything? That's crazy!
Bill: Fine, fine. So who is gonna pick him up?
Lois: Why don't you go pick him up?
Bill: I hate him as much as you do.
Lois: Then maybe you did it!

TV Show: Big Love
Bill: There's one more thing. My house is three houses.
Ronnie: What, rentals?
Bill: No, I live in all three houses.
Ronnie: In all three?
Bill: With my family, they're connected...
Ronnie: All three houses?
Bill: That's right. Big family.

TV Show: Big Love
Bill: [to Margene] I've been thinking about you. We are links to eternity. Ahead of us, family yet to come, souls to be born; behind us, ancestors — ancestors who sacrificed. We are making those sacrifices to live the principle, to keep faith. Margie, you are a valued member of this family. We weren't complete, not until you. You made us complete. I wasn't complete until you, and our fine sons. What happened was a mistake. It'll never happen again, all right? All right?

TV Show: Big Love
Bili: [about the size of the guest list for Wayne's birthday party] Are you crazy?! How many people?!
Nicki: Just immediate family!... [pause] 153.

TV Show: Big Love
Adaleen: [to Bill, about Nicki] I would never, ever tell you how to run your affairs--she's your wife--but she's always needed a firm hand. She takes well to a good smacking. You too, Barb--just give her a nice little swat!

TV Show: Big Love
Sarah: What's it like being married?
Rhonda: It's a pre-marriage placement. That's what it's called now, to get around the law until I'm 16.
[Sarah looks horrified.]
Rhonda: I wasn't forced! [smugly] The other sister-wives hate me because old Roman likes me best.
Sarah: Do you love him?
Rhonda: He's sweet to me. The greatest freedom we have is obedience.

TV Show: Big Love
[Bill comes home late at night and snuggles up to Margie in bed.]
Margie: [half asleep] Where's Nicki?
Bill: What??
Margie: It's Nicki's night. You gotta go.
[Bill sneaks through the house, across the backyard and up to Nicki's bedroom.]
Nicki: Honey, what are you doing here?
Bill: It's our night!
Nicki: It was. Didn't you get my message? See the Post-It?
Bill: Post-It?
Nicki: I traded with Barb.

TV Show: Big Love
Heather: [to Donna] You know what, I've upped my standards, so up yours.

TV Show: Big Love
Bill: [to Ben, instructing him for the hunting trip] Hey, remember tomorrow: no deodorant, no soap, no mouthwash.
Sarah: [chuckles] Like you really have to tell him that.

TV Show: Big Love
Ben: How do you know if God's talking to you or if you're just talking to yourself?
Bill: That's one of the most important challenges in life.

TV Show: Big Love
Ben: I think about sex all the time!
Brynn: But that's good.
Ben: No, I can't control it. I get hard-ons in woodshop!

TV Show: Big Love
Nicki: [about Bill] He's been so happy! And he saw me in the car and pretended he didn't see me. And then he gave us flowers to throw me off the trail. I mean, don't you see? Do you see it?
Wanda: You don't think he's...?
Nicki: He is, yes! He is seeing a fourth wife. This is exactly what he did when he got interested in Margene. Honestly, I knew even before I knew, you know?
Wanda: It's so easy to see through them. They're kind of cute that way.

TV Show: Big Love
Nicki: You're the weak link, Margie.
Margie: What?
Nicki: We have to be realistic. You can't keep a secret like me and you're not a good liar like Barb.
Barb: [alarmed] What do you mean I'm a good liar?
Nicki: With the neighbors. You're so effortless; you're pro.

TV Show: Big Love
Margie: [to her son who's prancing around with no pants on] Aaron! [to Pam] I'm sorry, he just discovered his penis.
Pam: Don't they all!

TV Show: Big Love
Barb: [to Peg] I don't like the sneaking around. [pause] Actually, I love the sneaking around; it is so exciting.

TV Show: Big Love
Barb: I'm having an affair.
Peg: With who?
Barb: Bill.
Peg: Your husband Bill?

TV Show: Big Love
Margie: Your father said we cannot call a plumber.
Ben: I know.
Margie: Do you think he's a cheapskate?
Ben: Umm, I believe the word is thrifty.

TV Show: Big Love
Nicki: [thinking about baby names] What do you think of the name Noel?
Bill: I think it says "Kick me and take my lunch money."

TV Show: Big Love