H2O - Just Add Water Quotes

Byron: [Emma grabs his but and he turns around to see Cleo] Cleo, nice to see you too.
Cleo Sertori: Uh, thanks.

Movie: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma Gilbert: [Zane caught a glimpse of Emma's mermaid tail in the previous episode. He made a drawing of what he saw and gave a copy to Lewis, who in turn showed it to Emma] Oh no, my tail.
Lewis McCartney: See? That's why I hang around with you guys, 'cause all the other girls at school are like, "Oh no, my makeup."

Movie: H2O - Just Add Water
Rikki Chadwick: We'll draw straws and decide which one of us the others will eat.
Emma Gilbert: That's not funny!
Rikki Chadwick: I'm relieving the tension.
Cleo Sertori: You're making it worse.

Movie: H2O - Just Add Water
[After the Zodiac breaks down]
Emma: Are we chilled out yet?
Rikki: So, we're floating, it's not like we're sinking.
Emma: Not yet.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: Emma's always really prepared.
Rikki: I'm so happy for her.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: What are you doing here?
Rikki: Well you came down.
Emma: You were meant to stay up top and throw down a rope or something.
Rikki: What am I, a mindreader, and what rope?

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: Our secret. Our responsibility. Whatever happens we're in this together.
Rikki: That doesn't mean we're married, does it?
Emma: [laughs] Now that was actually funny.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Zane: I'm on a hunt and if I find what I'm looking for, I'll rewrite the history books.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Rikki: Zane Bennett's a pig. Anything I can do to get under his skin can't be a bad thing, can it?

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: Hey Emma, want a ride ?
Emma: Are you licenced?!
Rikki: Are you my mother?

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Lewis: Rikki, can I sit?
Rikki: I certainly hope so, just not with me. [pushes the magazine she was reading on to a seat]
Lewis: I know we've had our differences. Um, thanks (to waiter) but I want to know what's wrong with Cleo.
Rikki: What makes you think there's anything wrong?
Lewis: Well, I've asked her to go to Miriam's party like a hundred times and every time she's changed her mind.
Rikki: Maybe she doesn't like you. Did you think about that?.
Lewis: Yes, actually that did cross my mind. But then I thought: Oh no, no, she hangs round with you so her standards must be pretty low.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Miriam: Sick people make me feel... well, sick.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Lewis: Well I might just join you all for a swim then.
Rikki: We're naked Lewis.
Lewis: Just a... quick dip then?
Emma: Goodbye Lewis.
Lewis: The offer was there.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
[After vaporizing Miriam's pool]
Rikki: Never liked pool parties anyway!

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
[to Emma and Rikki about Cleo going to Miriam's pool party]
Lewis: I am not some lackey, I am not some all purpose-servant. You really think you can tell me what to do and I'll jump...her phone's off.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
[about Byron when he leaves]
Emma: Nice board.
Cleo: Nice pecs.
Rikki: Nice attitude.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: What's going on?
Emma: We've been... you know... swimming.
Rikki It's the best thing, the reef is out of this world!
Cleo: That's great, so has anyone been able to do that calculus homework? Question 7's a nightmare.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Lewis: Rikki and Emma told me about your dad.
Cleo: Great! So now the whole world know my dad's a criminal. What would you do Lewis?
Lewis: I'd change my name and go to the country, but that's just me.
Cleo: You're no help.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: He denied everything, it's really awful. I mean what could I say? "I know you're lying dad 'cause my mermaid friends saw you fishing close to the nesting beach."
Rikki: He was using illegal nets too.
Emma: It's true, and they didn't have those grid things in them.
Cleo: This just gets worse and worse.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: Look, I don't care about you frolicking with the dolphins -
Rikki: Hey, I don't frolic. I glide.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Lewis: Cleo, you're a really amazing girl.
Cleo: Lewis, just because I've got these powers, doesn't mean I'm amazing. (walks away)
Lewis: (to himself) I didn't mean the powers.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
[On the phone]
Cleo: So have you decided what time for the party tonight? ...
Emma: I know, but... I just don't see how I can have the party this year. Not with recent developments... Your new job! ...The dolphin tank at the Marine Park.
Cleo: Emma! This is tradition we're talking about!
Lewis: The what?!
Cleo: Yes of course the tank's full of water Emma, they're aquatic mammals... Yes I DO remember what water does to me, but I'm not going to let that ruin my life.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: [holding the locket] This might be safer with you.
Cleo: With me? no you found it.
Emma: And I nearly managed to get it stolen. I know how much you like it. Here.
Cleo: You're sure?
Emma: Anyone who can hide a mermaid tail in the middle of a party has got what it takes to look after that.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: Rikki, at least try and pretend you're having fun.
Rikki: But I'm not.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: I can't go near the river as...
Lewis: Yeah I know, the whole beach whale thing.
Emma: Mermaid, Lewis.
Lewis: Yes that is exactly what I meant.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Kim: Lewis is one of them too.
Elliot: I can't see Lewis... as a mermaid.
Kim: No dork, he'd be a merman.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Cleo: I'm a Portugese Man-Of-War.
[Audience doesn't react]
Cleo: It's a jellyfish.[Everyone claps]

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: Elliot, what's going on between you and Rikki?
Elliot: Don't worry, I promise our love won't get in the way of your friendship.
Emma: Come on, let's sit.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
Emma: Did he, you know see anything?
Rikki: Other than when I flashed him?
[Emma gives Rikki a dirty look]
Rikki: Lighten up, he doesn't suspect a thing.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water
[In the JuiceNet Cafe, it's come to light that Elliot has a crush on Rikki; Rikki, Emma and Cleo go to talk behind the pool table, as Elliot remains at their table]
Cleo: It's so sweet! He has a crush on you!
Rikki: [obviously put off by this revelation] Yeah, sweet like a lemon! [to Emma] Did you know about this?
Emma: Well...not exactly. [Rikki looks out the window; Emma continues] Rikki, don't hurt his...
Rikki: Don't even think about asking me to humour him. It's not gonna happen.
Emma: Can you at least be gentle?
Cleo: He's a sweet kid.
Rikki: You're all disturbed! Why is everything sweet and nice all the time?
Emma: Rikki, it's his first crush! Don't you remember what it was like to be a kid?
Rikki: No, and besides, this is just...all because I saved his life. It's like pulling a thorn out of a dog's foot.
Emma: And you'd do that gently, wouldn't you?
Rikki: No! I'd do it fast, and hope I didn't get bitten. OK, I don't do the whole "relationship" thing very well.
Cleo: It's not a relationship. He's eleven.
Rikki: OK, I don't do the whole "people liking me" thing very well.
Emma: What's there to do?
Rikki: Fine, tell me what to say to get him off my case...and I'll say it.
[brief pause, Cleo thinks, shakes her head, and shrugs]
Cleo: I've got nothing.
Emma: Me either.

TV Show: H2O - Just Add Water