Bartleby Quotes

Bartleby: I don't drive.
The Boss: You don't drive? Well, then how did you get here? Did you walk? There are no sidewalks! [speaks into the intercom]
The Boss: Vivian, can you take a bus here?
Vivian: [speaking through the intercom] Ah... yes. From my house I would take the 36 to the terminal in town. Then transfer there to the 80 and get off at the shopping center then catch the 48. There's only one - at 7: 10 AM. The ride is roughly an hour and a half from the mall, so to get here by nine, I have to leave the house by 4: 45. My car was in the shop last week so I looked into the bus schedule but [pause]
Vivian: , obviously, I took a taxi.
The Boss: [pause] Thank you, Vivian.

Movie: Bartleby