Stanley Quotes

Dennis: Oh, Dennis, what I am going to do?
Dennis: how about doing the rest of this crossword puzzle with me? They're quite fun, you know.
Stanley Griff: No, I mean about this. I have to wear this costume to school tomorrow, to tell the class all about the kind of animal I am.
Dennis: Well, that's right up your alley, Stanley.
Stanley Griff: But I can't go to school wearing this.

Movie: Stanley
Elsie: Stanley! [jumps up and down all happy and excited on Stanley's bed]
Stanley Griff: What?
Elsie: It's the day! We counted them all up. The butterfly is coming out today!
Stanley Griff: I know. I know. But you still got to be patient.
Elsie: [makes a huge cat sound and shakes Stanley furiously] [shouts]
Elsie: You are driving me crazy with this patience business!
Stanley Griff: [sternly] Elsie!
Elsie: [calmly] Okay. I'm under control now.

Movie: Stanley
Shelley Duvall: [about working with Kubrick on the Shinning] Did you see Groundhog Day?

Movie: Stanley
Stanley Griff: I've just gotta go across the street to get it. Maybe if I run really fast.
Dennis: Stanley. You know you're not allowed to do that. You're not old enough.
Stanley Griff: What if we all go together? Don't you think three kids put together make at least one grownup?
Dennis: No, I don't.
Stanley Griff: Not even a little grownup?

Movie: Stanley
[first lines] ["Honest Ostrich"]
Marci: [knocking repeatedly on Stanley's door] Stanley! Hey, Stanley!
Stanley Griff: Hi, Marci. What's up?
Marci: I need my soccer ball back.
Stanley Griff: Your soccer ball?
Marci: Yeah, my big game is today.

Movie: Stanley
[last lines] ["Web Weavers"]
Stanley Griff: And I learned that if you want to do something different, it helps if you take it step by step.
Dennis: Like going to sleep.
Stanley Griff: What do you mean?
Dennis: Well, to fall asleep, the first step is to close your eyes. The second step is to say good night!
Stanley Griff: Good night, Dennis.

Movie: Stanley