A Wedding Quotes

David: How are you doing?
Charles: You remember the time you started dad's boat and the propeller cut my leg to shreds?
David: Yeah?
Charles: This is worse.

Movie: A Wedding
John Henry: Berenice, which eye's your mind's eye?
Berenice Sadie Brown: Don't yank my head back like that, Candy. Frankie and I aren't going to go flying through the ceiling.

Movie: A Wedding
Julia: [into the mirror in her wedding dress] Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Julia Guglia. [disgusted at the sound of it]
Julia: Julia Guglia. Hi, it's nice to meet you I'm Julia Guglia... [breaks out in tears, pauses, then smiles]
Julia: Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Mrs. Robbie Hart. [dreamily]
Julia: Robbie and I are so pleased you could come to our wedding...

Movie: A Wedding
Sailor: [chasing Hala to have sex] Your house? Are you crazy? Where are your parents?
Hala: My father's at work.
Sailor: And your mother?
Hala: She's dead.
Jadzia Pzoniak: [awakens and walks to outside door where Hala and sailor are] Hala?
Sailor: I thought you said your mother was dead?
Hala: She was. [laughs evilly]

Movie: A Wedding
Shaz: I never got the chance to do it to you when you were alive, so this will have to do.

Movie: A Wedding
TJ: [to the rest of the bachelorette party guests] Ladies, that was a top night!*top* night!

Movie: A Wedding