Mind Your Language Quotes

Jeremy Brown: Maybe I should just call the whole thing off...
Sid: You can't! It's a point of honor! You can't just let that guy do what he wants with whoever he wants! No, you've gotta make a stand!

Movie: Mind Your Language
Jeremy Brown: Take Danielle, for instance.
Giovanni Capello: I would love to take Danielle!

Movie: Mind Your Language
Jeremy Brown: How about a toast for Ali and Su-Lee?
Giovanni Capello: No, sorry, we have no toast, only biscuits.
Jeremy Brown: No, I mean a toast for Ali and Su-Lee.
Giovanni Capello: We have no toast for them, either!

Movie: Mind Your Language
Miss Courtney: Can anybody tell me what B.C. stands for?
Maximillian Papandrious: Before Christmas!

Movie: Mind Your Language
Miss Courtney: Can anybody tell me who said To Be or Not To Be?
Chung Su-Lee: Chairman Mao!
Miss Courtney: This may come as a shock to you, but there are people who've written things besides Chairman Mao.
Chung Su-Lee: Chairman Mao lite evelything!
Miss Courtney: Well, he certainly didn't lite... *write* To Be or Not To Be!

Movie: Mind Your Language
Miss Courtney: I distinctedly requested for the local authority to send a woman teacher, especially in view of what happened to Mr. Warburton.
Jeremy Brown: Mr. Warburton?
Miss Courtney: Yes, he was teaching English language for Foreign students last term. I'm afraid he only lasted a month. Then, he departed.
Jeremy Brown: Dead?
Miss Courtney: Demented! Yes, the strain was too much for him. Typical of the male sex, no stamina! Always seem to be able to cope at first and then he just snapped! It was really quite disgusting!
Jeremy Brown: Really? What did he do?
Miss Courtney: Climbed out of the classroom window, on to the roof, took off all his clothes and stood there stark naked singing "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts!"
Jeremy Brown: How distressing. Well, there's no need to worry on my account. I mean, I'm not about to climb out of the classroom window!
Miss Courtney: I know you aren't.
Jeremy Brown: Oh? Thank you for your confidence!
Miss Courtney: It has nothing to do with confidence. We've had the window frames nailed down!

Movie: Mind Your Language