The Butterfly Effect Quotes

Dr. Redfield: Just think of your mind as a movie, you can pause, rewind or slow down any details you want.

Movie: The Butterfly Effect
Evan: [to Kayleigh] I've already lost you once, I'm not gonna lose you again.

Movie: The Butterfly Effect
[in the reality where Kayleigh is with Lenny]
Evan: So, do you think it might have worked?
Kayleigh: Yeah... But that's not how things wound up... I'm with Lenny, Lenny is your friend... and that's where it ends.
Evan: Well... Would it make a difference if I told you that no one could possibly ever love anyone as much as I love you? [Kayleigh looks sympathetic about Evan's feelings]
Evan: ...I'm not saying that, I am just saying it like if you were a girl, would that be something you would want to hear?

Movie: The Butterfly Effect
[Evan visits Kayleigh, who has now become a prostitute]
Kayleigh: So, how's tricks? Sorry, occupational humor.
Evan: I got it.

Movie: The Butterfly Effect