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Alexander: What disturbs me most is not your lack of respect for my judgement, but your contempt for a world far older than ours.

Movie: Alexander
Alexander: I wish sometimes you could see the light, Mother.

Movie: Alexander
Alexander: [after reading a letter from his mother Olympia, who demands that Alexander crown her Queen of Babylon] It's a high ransom she demands for nine months' lodging in the womb.

Movie: Alexander
Roxane: Are you drunk again?
Alexander: He's dead!
Roxane: Who?
Alexander: Many hated him, but I don't think any other would have dared!
Roxane: [terrified] Hephaistion... is dead?

Movie: Alexander
[after reading a letter sent by his mother]
Alexander: It's a high ransom she charges for nine months lodging in the womb.
Hephaistion: Bring her to Babylon, Alexander. It'll give her such joy.
Alexander: Joy! I am the cracked mirror of her dreams... Stay with me tonight Hephaistion.
Hephaistion: What bothers you?
Alexander: I see in her everything I fear. Yet I have no idea what it is; this fear. She was always so sure I was born of Zeus. Why, Hephaistion?
Hephaistion: I think there are things beyond our imagining. Like the lightening. Tales of strange conceptions. I don't doubt it.
Alexander: What is being told me? What destiny do I have?
Hephaistion: Well, if I'm Patroclus, I die first. Then you, Achilles. The generals are upset. They question your obsession with Darius. They say it was never meant for you to be king of Asia.
Alexander: Naturally. They want only to return to their homes rich with gold, but I have seen the future, Hephaistion! I've seen it now a thousand times, on a thousand faces. These people want, need, change. Aristotle was wrong about them.
Hephaistion: How so?
Alexander: Look at those we've conquered. They leave their dead unburied, they smash their enemies skulls and drink them as dust, they mate in public! How can they think, or sing, or write when none can read? But as Alexander's army they could go where they never thought possible. They can soldier, or work in the cities. From the Alexandrias, from Egypt to the outer ocean. We could connect these lands, Hephaistion. And the people.
Hephaistion: Some say these Alexandrias have become extensions of Alexander himself. They draw people i

Movie: Alexander
[at a meeting with the generals after Alexander's wedding to Roxane]
Parmenion: Your father must be turning in his grave, Alexander. After all this time, a hill chief's daughter? Do you call this tribal wedding legitimate?
Alexander: You forget, Parmenion, that my father took a barbarian as his queen.
Parmenion: Yes, and few would call it a profoundly happy marriage.

Movie: Alexander