Stargate Quotes

Colonel Jack O'Neill: I remember something. There's a man. He's bald and wears a short sleeved shirt. And somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is... Homer.

Movie: Stargate
Daniel: Well maybe you can try coming up with something better than inappropriate sarcasm.
Jack O'Neill: You want sarcasm? Nice to meet you.

Movie: Stargate
Eldon: The technology on this ship is far more advanced than the Olesians'.
Dr. Rodney McKay: How ironic, then, to have been shot down by the cast of Braveheart.

Movie: Stargate
Vala Mal Doran: I hate long goodbyes.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: [quickly] Okay goodbye.
Vala Mal Doran: Don't I even get a hug?
Vala Mal Doran: [Daniel hesitates then hugs Vala. Vala walks towards the Stargate but Daniel grabs her wrist] Daniel, don't make this harder than it already is. [Daniel removes a stolen jewel from her hand]
Vala Mal Doran: Oh. Can't blame a girl for trying.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Yeah, I can.

Movie: Stargate
[imitating a tour guide in what was once Stargate Command]
Jack O'Neill: ...and we're walking.

Movie: Stargate