Fainaru fantajî VI (VG) Quotes

Edgar: Please, relax while you're here. It's not in my blood to harm a lady.
Terra: Look, why are you helping me? Is it because of my... abilities?
Edgar: I'll give you 3 reasons: First of all, your beauty has captivated me! Second... I'm dying to know if I'm your type... I guess your... abilities... would be a distant 3rd.
Terra: What's with you, anyway?
Edgar: Guess my technique's getting a bit rusty...
Terra: Hmm... I suppose a normal girl would have found him dashing. But I'm hardly... normal...

Movie: Fainaru fantajî VI (VG)
Kefka: There's nothing like the sound of hundreds of voices screaming in unison.

Movie: Fainaru fantajî VI (VG)
Kefka: Oh, goody, it's general Celes, the traitor! This'll be fun!

Movie: Fainaru fantajî VI (VG)
Vargas: Fate made us train together, and fate will send you to your doom!

Movie: Fainaru fantajî VI (VG)