Iron Will Quotes

Harry Kingsley: Iron Will races to save mother's farm and go to college.

Movie: Iron Will
Jack Stoneman: Your place is where your dreams are. Now you never forget that, never.

Movie: Iron Will
Will Stoneman: We're barely making enough to survive, with no hope for anything better. I couldn't dream anymore about school. But when I saw this flier, I felt life getting back into me.

Movie: Iron Will
Will Stoneman: Do you think I can do this?
Ned Dodd: Matters most what you think.
Will Stoneman: I think you should come, is what I think.
Ned Dodd: Be strong boy. Be brave. Your father will be with you always. He lives in your dreams. Trust the dogs. Trust yourself.
Will Stoneman: I will.
Ned Dodd: When you come to face the thing you fear let the Creator guide you.

Movie: Iron Will