Rubí Quotes

Alejandro Cárdenas: [he's standing over Sonia's dead body; she's in her coffin and he's saying his last goodbye before she's taken to be cremated] I hope I made you happy. You gave me many beautiful moments. Rest in Peace, my love!

Movie: Rubí
Héctor Ferrer: [angry] What are you saying? That the only reason Rubi would take an interest in me is because of my money?
Alejandro Cárdenas: Calm down Hector! What's wrong? Has something... happened between you and Rubi?
Héctor Ferrer: [pause] No of course not. I'm still marrying Maribel. You should leave Rubi alone though, she doesn't want to talk to you.
Alejandro Cárdenas: I don't care! I love her, I want her back!
Héctor Ferrer: [yells] She doesn't love you!

Movie: Rubí
Rubí Pérez: You could be a great wife to Alejandro, but you won't ever take my place, I am the woman who he loves!
Sonia Chavarría: Get out of my house, I won't listen to you!
Rubí Pérez: You're going to listen to me for as long as I want, because he feels real love with me. His real passion is in my arms and lips, and when he's in bed with you, he thinks about me!
Sonia Chavarría: [Sonia slaps Rubí, and then Rubí moves away from Sonia, and off the bridge] Get off of me! [Sonia moves away from Rubi, and onto the crystal bridge, and suddenly the bridge shatters under her weight, and she falls through and dies, with a crystal through her neck]

Movie: Rubí