Ricky Gervais Live 2 - Politics (V) Quotes

Ricky Gervais: [in the summer drought of 1976 in Reading, where Gervais grew up] There was a government advert at the time that said, "Save water: have a bath with a friend." Which I did. I say "a friend"; he was more a friend of my Granddad's. Ten quid's a lot to a kid in Reading. We used to call him "Granddad Charlie", actually. He wasn't our Granddad, he was just an old bloke who used to live across the road from us and used to always come round to play with us whenever he saw our parents go out. [audience laugh]
Ricky Gervais: What? Lovely old man. He used to play with us. He taught me to wrestle. [audience laugh again]
Ricky Gervais: What? Lovely old man. Lovely old man, old Granddad Charlie. And he used to do magic tricks. Oh, it was great. And he used to have a magic hat and he used to sit down and put the magic hat on his lap. And he'd show us there was nothing in it. There was nothing in it. And he'd put the magic hat on his lap, and we couldn't tell our parents 'cause it would stop the magic. I think that's how it worked. We were only little. And we used to queue up with our eyes shut and take turns in feeling the little rabbit in the hat. Whenever it got to me it was scared stiff, poor little thing. And it was always in a bad way, didn't have any ears or any fur, poor little thing. I made it sick once!"

Movie: Ricky Gervais Live 2 - Politics (V)