Respectable Quotes

[Yelena answers Kate's celphone. It's Kate's boyfriend Stuart, who doesn't know Kate's a a prostitute, but thinks she's just a student]
Yelena: This is not Kate, this is Yelena. Kate is busy.
Stuart: Oh, right, is she in lecture?
Yelena: No. She is sucking cock.
Stuart: What?
Yelena: She is sucking cock. She is cocksucker. She is giving man big cocksucking.
Stuart: I'm sorry, who is this?
Yelena: It's Yelena. I work with Kate. I am whore. She is whore. We both whores. We work in whorehouse. We suck cock.
Stuart: Kate is not a prostitute!
Yelena: Yes she is. She is sucking cock right now. She tell you herself but she can not. Mouth full of cock.
Stuart: What? I don't believe this!
Yelena: Me neither, fat *****, but, our opinion count for nothing. Men give her money, she suck cock.
Stuart: Is this Kate Williams' phone?
Yelena: Yeah.
Stuart: I'm sorry, this is sick, this is some kind of sick joke!
Yelena: So, no message? Hmh. [Yelena hangs up the phone]

Movie: Respectable