Transformers - Cybertron Quotes

Brakedown: Kids these days. You still don't get it, do you?
Red Alert: Get what?
Brakedown: You can fix Hot Shot's body all right but there's not a doctor alive that can fix his spirit. Hot Shot feels lower than the bottom of your oil pan. The kid's still got his pride. Landmine had to say what he said. For a stubborn kid like Hot Shot it's the only way to get through to him. But I'm just an old man so what do I know?

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron
Bud: Whoah what happened here? Someone demolished this place big time.
Jolt: [Screaming] Look at the size of those claw marks. How can we ever hope to battle against something that big? [Jolt and the Minicons start running around in circles]
Bud: Okay you guys calm down.
Jolt: Vector Prime, Optimus Prime, anybody Prime SAVE US!
Bud: Oh my stomach.
Jolt: What is it bud? Is it your apendix? Your panchreas?
Bud: It's. It's...
Jolt: Yes?
Bud: It's about time you guys calmed down and listened to me for once.

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron
Crumplezone: Wow, you raced against Override? Did ya win?
Megatron: Nevermind. She doesn't know anything about the Cyber Planet Keys, so it doesn't matter.
Ransack: In other words, you lost.

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron
Crumplezone: This guy is a really wide load.
Ransack: A little missile from behind ought to get things moving. Cyberkey Power!
Red Alert: Oh, no, you don't. Cyberkey power. Acivate weapons. Desist with any plans to attack that vehicle.
Landmine: If you don't there won't be enough left of you pave the sidewalk.
Ransack: We wasn't going to attack.
Crumplezone: We don't want no trouble honest. Just go on past.
Ransack: And we'll shoot you from behind. [Ransack shoots Landmine and Red Alert from behind]
Ransack: Hey Crumplezone smoke it.

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron
Jetfire: Optimus, we should tell people that we're fanboys.
Optimus Prime: Hmmm... Not a bad idea.
Jetfire: No, I'm sorry! I was just kidding!
Optimus Prime: Ha. I guess we're a bit tall.

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron
Ransack: Let's finish the job.
Optimus Prime: [shooting at Ransack and Crumplezone] Just what job were you two planning on finishing?
Ransack, Crumplezone: Nothing. We're done.
Optimus Prime: Landmine, get Hot Shot out of there.
Vector Prime: I shall assist.
Optimus Prime: Now, as for you two.
Ransack, Crumplezone: Transform... We're out of here.
Red Alert: Optimus, thank the Allspark you're here.
Optimus Prime: Who were those two?
Red Alert: They're a couple of local thugs who have been causing trouble. In my opinion they appear to be working for Megatron
Optimus Prime: Megatron?
Landmine: Optimus, look who I found under a rock.
Hot Shot: I'm okay.
Landmine: Oh, yeah. Sure you are, Jet. You're just dandy. Optimus, Hot Shot is barely alive. The kid's got guts I'll give him that.
Optimus Prime: What happened here?
Red Alert: It looks like we failed our mission.
Optimus Prime: Report now!
Hot Shot: Optimus, it's my fault. Red Alert tried to stop me. I guess I disobeyed your orders. I made contact with the locals.
Optimus Prime: [angrily] Hot Shot... Do you have any idea what you've done? What this could mean to the rest of our mission?
Hot Shot: Yes, I know, but the cyber planet... [Hot Shot passes out]
Red Alert: Hot Shot? [shouts]
Red Alert: Hot Shot!

Movie: Transformers - Cybertron