Gitaroo Man (VG) Quotes

Zowie: So, this is the last Gitaroo Man.
Guards: Sir!
Zowie: What of the Gitaroo?
Guards: Sir?
Zowie: The legendary Gitaroo inside Flying-O's body.
Guards: Sir! Sir, it's been taken!
Zowie: Listen up.
Ming Ming: Meow!
Guards: Sir, yes, sir!
Zowie: We have lost two Gitaroo's already. I want them back. And bring me his Gitaroo, the last Gitaroo.
Guards: Sir!
Zowie: Do not fail me.
Guards: Sir!
Zowie: Send Mojo King Bee into the forest.
Guards: Sir! Sir! Sir!
Ming Ming: Meow!

Movie: Gitaroo Man (VG)