Earth 2 Quotes

Candy: If you wanna be a femme fatale, you can't rest on your L'Oréals!

TV Show: Earth 2
Deke Slayton: [Addressing the Apollo astronauts, who are wondering what the lineup will be] What I do know is the first man to walk on the moon walked into this room today - and is looking at me right now.

TV Show: Earth 2
Terl: Do you WANT lunch?

TV Show: Earth 2
Zac Hobson: I've been condemned to live.

TV Show: Earth 2
[Holly and Sebastian are one-upping each other on the trapeze]
Buttons: How long do you think this can go on before something happens?
Brad Braden: It's circus, isn't it?
Buttons: Do you believe in prayer?
Brad Braden: And practice.

TV Show: Earth 2
[in front of a church in Edinburgh after a service]
Dean: Miss Jenny! I saw you turn pale when the Domini spoke of those in peril at the far ends of the earth.
Jenny: Far ends of the earth; at least that would be somewhere.

TV Show: Earth 2
Walman: We have every right to defend ourselves!
Alonzo Solace: That doesn't give us the right to go blasting our way across the planet!

TV Show: Earth 2
[Reilly is trying to convince Julia Heller to betray the colonists];
Reilly: Who knows; when you do, maybe the Council will name an entire continent after your family.
Julia Heller: Yeah. Maybe they'll call it "Hell".

TV Show: Earth 2
Alonzo Solace: It seems like Terrians, but it's not.
Morgan Martin: What's that supposed to mean? You seem coherent, but you're not.

TV Show: Earth 2
[Yale tells Mary about how people ask God for forgiveness "for the harm that they have done."]
Mary: The Terrian way is better. Don't harm.
Yale: And don't forgive.

TV Show: Earth 2
[The colonists experience numerous problems shortly after finding a 300,000 year-old frozen alien]
Morgan Marin[to Julia Heller]: ...or are you finally going to admit that the iceman shouldn't have cometh?

TV Show: Earth 2
Yale: I certainly would be perturbed if I heard that someone had dug up my grandfather.

TV Show: Earth 2
[The colonists are being tested to see who is being controlled by the alien]
Morgan Martin: Oh God, what if it is me? You'd lock me up, right? Y-You'd make sure that I didn't hurt anyone...
Morgan Martin: Or worse, hurt myself.

TV Show: Earth 2
Officer: Looks like we moved for a rook and captured the king.

TV Show: Earth 2
[True is hiding a dangerous alien animal. Again]
Yale[to True Danziger]: God, child, will you never learn?

TV Show: Earth 2
[Heller, J. Danziger, Solace, want to continue on the search for food, risking death. Morgan Martin wants to go back to camp.]
Morgan Martin: I can't believe this! ... [the decision to go on] Gotta be unanimous, right?
John Danziger: Right. Let's go.
[The other three start to get in the vehicle to drive off while Morgan stands there]
Alonzo Solace[calling back to Morgan]: Let's go, Morgan.
[Morgan stands there for a moment, then gets into the vehicle]
Morgan Martin: Next time I volunteer for something, remind me how unsuited I am for this kind of stress.

TV Show: Earth 2