BloodRayne Quotes

Domastir: Kagan's gratitude or Kagan's wrath. Where is Brimstone?
Elrich: You honestly expect me to betray my daughter?
Domastir: That's funny, you never struck me as the paternal type. Give me the map.
Elrich: Give us our destiny.

Movie: BloodRayne
minion: [Gets arm cut off by Rayne's blade attack] Aahhh!
Rayne: Don't worry, they do wonders with prosthetics these days.

Movie: BloodRayne
Rayne: Thanks for dragging me out here, you know how I love the water.
Mynce: You're only half vampire. A dip might hurt, but it won't kill you.
Rayne: So does sticking a finger in my eye, doesn't mean I have to do it.

Movie: BloodRayne
Rayne: You saw the blades, what did you think was going to happen?

Movie: BloodRayne