Beautiful People Quotes

Marc Pearl: I can't afford you, seriously!

Movie: Beautiful People
Mr Carr: I had no idea that we were living next door to so many of my students!
Ross Kemp: I'm surprised you're not hyperventilating.
Mr Carr: And why would I be hyperventilating?
Ross Kemp: Worried that they're all gonna out you on Monday.
Mr Carr: That's a little bit unfair, Ross.
Ashlene Doonan: Oh, don't worry, I won't tell no one. I'm really knowledgeable about gay stuff and shit. So which one of you's the bloke and who's the bitch?
Debbie Doonan: Ashlene!

Movie: Beautiful People
Simon Doonan: Miss? Who cut your hair miss, the council?
Kylie: Where'd you get your dress, miss? Oxfam?
Simon Doonan: Miss? Are those shoes, miss, or Cornish pasties?
Jayeson Jackson: Where'd you get your voice from, poof? Gays 'r' us?

Movie: Beautiful People