Stacked Quotes

Harold March: [Stuart and Gavin want Harold to give some kids a science lecture in the store] If I had wanted to lecture to a bunch of kids whose only accomplishments were playing video games and throwing up, I would never have left Dartmouth!

Movie: Stacked
Skyler Dayton: I was not a groupie! Groupies don't get taken to dinner; girlfriends do. Groupies don't spend the night; girlfriends do. Groupies have sex on tour-buses. [pause]
Skyler Dayton: Well, there's some crossover.

Movie: Stacked
[first lines]
Stuart Miller: Hey, Harold.
Harold: Stuart, I was cleaning my old NASA stuff out of the garage, and I found six cases of Tang. Do you want it?
Stuart Miller: No, I don't want your old Tang. The astronauts really drank that stuff?
Harold: No, they hated it! That's why I'm stuck with all this Tang.

Movie: Stacked
[first lines]
Skyler Dayton: Uh. Excuse me, can I help you?
Ray: There's a guy named Gavin.
Skyler Dayton: Yeah.
Ray: He used to work here.
Skyler Dayton: Yeah.
Ray: His name's Gavin.
Skyler Dayton: Well, if there were a guy named Gavin here, would you want to talk to him or, I don't know... cut him?
Ray: Well, I definitely want to talk to him.
Skyler Dayton: So, to be clear, not cut him.
Ray: Okay.
Skyler Dayton: Do you mind saying the phrase: I will not cut Gavin.
Ray: [yells] I really got to speak to Gavin.

Movie: Stacked
[last lines]
Katrina: What was that about?
Stuart Miller: Looks like the third time this week he's gotten screwed.

Movie: Stacked
[last lines] [they are in bed]
Stuart Miller: Wow!
Katrina: Yeah. Sorry about the spurs.
Stuart Miller: No problem. Happy birthday.
Katrina: Thanks. This won't be weird at work tomorrow, will it?
Stuart Miller: Absolutely.
Katrina: Yeah.

Movie: Stacked