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Wesley Knickerbacker: If you and your brother were Siamese twins and we had to have that operation and I had to choose which one would live, I would choose you.

Movie: All That Remains
Dr.Takashi Nagai: Oh yes, it's beautiful and inspiring to lean back in an armchair and read of the battles of Yoshitsune or the poems of General Nogi. But where is the beauty of the atom bomb? If there is another war, there will be no beautiful stories, no songs. Only death.

Movie: All That Remains
Dr.Takashi Nagai: The person who sees Urakami from the window of a train, might think that resurrection is impossible. But it isn't so. Little by little people are returning and rebuilding their homes. Living with deep faith and enduring courageously, this tiny group of people who have known the happiness of weeping is suffering to make amends for the sins of the world.

Movie: All That Remains
Dr.Takashi Nagai: A burn on the face, can be hard for a young person.
Cousin Tatsue: Life would be unfair without it, I think.
Dr.Takashi Nagai: Yet you hide them as if you are ashamed of them.
Cousin Tatsue: I hide them because no one else wants to be reminded
Dr.Takashi Nagai: The world has two ugly scars, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But already they are healing and in time they may disappear completely- concealed beneath fine new cities. You have suffered for your scars Tatsue and the world needs to see how you- how we have all suffered.

Movie: All That Remains
Dr.Takashi Nagai: The moustache suits you.
Hajime Nagai: My wife, she thinks it makes me look too stern.
Dr.Takashi Nagai: It makes you look like, father.
Hajime Nagai: He would be so proud of you now. Telling everyone about his son the famous writer.
Dr.Takashi Nagai: You know, the other day, I was in the men's room, when I tore off a piece of newspaper to wipe myself, I looked down and saw a photo of my face staring right back at me. I thought this must be my punishment for being so famous

Movie: All That Remains