Adore Quotes

Lil: It was just important for us to know it hadn't gone away. That it was still alive. Christ, I felt like I would suffocate if I didn't have it.

Movie: Adore
Lil: Doctors say you'll live.
Ian: [scoffs]Do they have any good news?

Movie: Adore
Roz: Well, I hope you're pleased with yourself.
Ian: I just told the truth, that's all.
Roz: That's all? And you think that's somethings to be proud of?
Ian: Somebody had to.
Roz: No, nobody had to, unless they wanted to cause as much damage as possible, Ian.

Movie: Adore
Roz: Hi! Where have you been?
Tom: At Lil's. Doing to her what Ian's been doing to you. [Roz slaps him hard]

Movie: Adore
[last lines] Ian: [having swum to the raft]Good morning.

Movie: Adore
Ian: [about the children]You get them over excited.
Roz: No, we spoil them is what we do. That's what grandmothers are supposed to do.

Movie: Adore
Lil: You are the only one who hasn't behaved badly.
Roz: Then it probably *is* my fault.

Movie: Adore
Roz: Where are you going?
Ian: To your room. [Ian leaves]
Lil: Ian! [Lil looks slyly towards Tom]
Tom: [to Lil]See you at yours. [closeup to Lil with lustful expressions]

Movie: Adore
Lil: She's known him since he was a baby.
Tom: Then they've probably been thinking about it for quite a while... wouldn't you say?

Movie: Adore