Alone Yet Not Alone Quotes

Barbara Leininger: Who created Sky-Woman? And who fathered her two sons?
Galasko: I do not know.
Barbara Leininger: My God created the heavens and earth and all living things. He sent his only son Jesus, to forgive our sins so that we can know him.
Galasko: I do not know this Jesus. The White Man's God is strong. White men have good weapons. White Man's God made Susquehanna more graceful than the deer. You have the courage of a panther. For this, He is a good God. But Galasko is Indian and Susquehanna is now Indian. You must believe in Indian God. Galasko, son of the Great Chief, child of the Great Spirit, wishes to make Susquehanna his own. We would be very happy. And raise many great warriors.

Movie: Alone Yet Not Alone
Barbara Leininger: Galasko has asked to marry... Susquehanna.
Marie Le Roy: You are not Susquehanna. Your name is Barbara. You would have to worship the Indian gods.
Barbara Leininger: No one can change what I believe in my heart. Marie, do I really have a choice?
Barbara Leininger: He killed your family. Your father's scalp hangs over the door to Galasko's longhouse. How could you do this?

Movie: Alone Yet Not Alone
Chief Selinquaw: [Looking at Susquehanna]Three days, when we return from the fort, we will have a marriage ceremony.

Movie: Alone Yet Not Alone