Acropolis Now Quotes

Elizabeth 'Liz' Wilson: Don't degrade yourself before a man.
Effie Stephanidis: Why shouldn't I?
Elizabeth 'Liz' Wilson: Look. Effie, you and Sophie can help me with the games, okay? Look what I've got. Ethical Pursuit.
Effie Stephanidis: Ethnical Pursuit. So what have you got against wogs, Liz?
Elizabeth 'Liz' Wilson: Not Ethnical. Ethical. It's a game for thinking women.
Effie Stephanidis: How embarrassment!

Movie: Acropolis Now
Jim: Hey, where you going? I hope you're not going off on another one of those Samurai things?
Liz Wilson: Seminar, Jim. And yes, I'm going to spend my whole weekend going over Gilgamesh with my classic literature class.
Jim: The whole class? Lucky guy.
Memo: Gugumesh stupid, Gugumesh. It's not a person.
Liz Wilson: Very good Memo.
Memo: Of course. Everybody knows that Gugumesh is a food. Hungarian Gugumesh.
Liz Wilson: Goulash. Gilgamesh is epic theatre.
Jim: Aah. Epic theatre Memo... Hercules and the Seven Virgins.
Memo: Who you calling a virgin?
Jim: Prepare to die, you Greek dog.
Memo: He gets me every time. Hungry?
Liz Wilson: Why do I even bother?
Memo: I dunno... you stupid.

Movie: Acropolis Now
Jim: Ey, Liz, if this chick's coming all the way from Greece to marry me, she must be pretty desperate.

Movie: Acropolis Now
Memo: This food is an old Greek delicacy. We call it Chokalata Crakalia... That's alright, sort of like a chocolate meatball, only crunchy.

Movie: Acropolis Now
Thea Voula Stephanidis: Jimmy! I will talk to you now Jimmy. You will come over here please!
Memo Hatzidimitropoulos: Good luck.
Effie Stephanidis: Suffer!

Movie: Acropolis Now
[last lines]
Jim Stephanidis: All right, we'll toss for it.
Memo Hatzidimitropoulos: All right.
Jim Stephanidis: Heads.

Movie: Acropolis Now