A Bit of a Do Quotes

Jenny Simcock: Don't you start to give me moral lectures, Simon. Are you two so pure yourselves?
Simon and Lucinda: [smugly] Yes.
Elvis: [reprovingly] Simon?
Lucinda: Well, apart from Simon's isolated lapse - which he's told me all about and I've forgiven.
Jenny Simcock: And no lapses at all in your past, Lucinda?
Lucinda: Unfashionably for this day and age, no. In eighty-seven days' time, Simon will be the first person in the world to know my body.
Simon: We *were* planning to invite you both.
Elvis: I'll watch with interest. I may even be able to give you a tip or two!

Movie: A Bit of a Do
Jenny Simcock: Hello, Mum. Hello, Neville.
Liz Rodenhurst: Hello.
Jenny Simcock: I've something to... Earlier, Mum, you said you hoped I'd find somebody soon.
Liz Rodenhurst: Yes.
Jenny Simcock: Well I have.
Neville Badger: That *was* soon!
Jenny Simcock: Yes. You said you hoped he'd be nice. He *is* nice.
Liz Rodenhurst: That's nice.
Jenny Simcock: [sheepishly] I'm afraid he may disappoint your hopes pretty considerably in one particular respect. I'm afraid he fails - utterly and totally fails - the criterion of... oh Lord!.. of not being a Simcock. [stunned silence]
Liz Rodenhurst: [shrieks] Elvis?

Movie: A Bit of a Do
[Elvis is working as wine waiter]
Simon: Waiter!
Elvis: Yes, sir.
Simon: Elvis?
Elvis: Simon?
Simon: Good Lord. Ah, this is my sister's husband's brother. Sorry, must be a bit embarrassing for you.
Elvis: No, not really. Though you might try something a little more polite that yelling Waiter!.
Simon: What's rude about that?
Elvis: Well, how you you like it if I pop into your office and yell Estate agent!?
Simon: That's different.
Elvis: Yeah - you're a member of a profession and I'm only a waiter.
Simon: I think you've rather forgotten your position, Elvis.
Elvis: I *was* speaking as your sister's husband's brother. Speaking as a waiter...
Elvis: [obsequiously] What can I get you, sir?

Movie: A Bit of a Do