A Bucket of Blood Quotes

Alice: [Unimpressed with Walter and his new-found fame as a sculptor] Oh, let's change the subject. I'm sick of hearing about sculptors. Nobody knows how to do that anymore, much less the busboy from The Yellow Door.
Walter Paisley: [Offended] Who do you think you're talkin' about?
Alice: Don't shout at me!
Walter Paisley: I don't like you...
Alice: [Mocking laughter] Nobody asked your opinion, Walter! You're just a simple farm boy, and the rest of us are sophisticated beatniks.

Movie: A Bucket of Blood
Maxwell H. Brock: Life is an obscure hobo, bumming a ride on the omnibus of art.

Movie: A Bucket of Blood
Maxwell: Life is nothing but a homeless traveler on the RTD of art.

TV Show: A Bucket of Blood
Maxwell H. Brock: Where are John, Joe, Jake, Jim, jerk? Dead, dead, dead! They were not born, before they were born, they were not born. Where are Leonardo, Rembrandt, Ludwig? Alive! Alive! Alive! They were born!

Movie: A Bucket of Blood