Maverick Quotes

Annabelle: Well look at this. Here's a lot of money and your gun is six feet away.
Marshal Zane Cooper & Bret Maverick, Jr.: Eight.
Annabelle: What a remarkable family.
Maverick: How'd she - how'd she figure that?
Annabelle: Well, you all don't have the exclusive on tells! You both have the same height, the same build, you both talk the same, you both kiss the same, you both draw your guns the same, and you both sing the same wrong words to 'Amazing Grace'.
Zane Cooper & Maverick: Do not.

TV Show: Maverick
Bart Maverick: Madame, there's not a grifter alive that puts real gold in his goldbrick - not a million dollars worth.

TV Show: Maverick
Beauregarde Maverick: An Apache Nightmare beats a Texas Tornado, right?
Bart Maverick: Right, as long as the queen is black. You're catching on fast cousin.
Beauregarde Maverick: You know if Uncle Beau knew you were playing a game called Eight-Toed Sloth, he'd turn your picture to the wall.

TV Show: Maverick
Dr. Dillon: Hey, how long you gonna be with us, Mr. Maverick?
Bart Maverick: There are two opinions on that, Doctor. I figure to be here for quite a spell, and the Sheriff figures to shoo me out tomorrow unless I get a job.
Buck Wilkerson: Well, if that's all you need, you've got no problem, Maverick. I can always use an extra hand at the ranch.
Bart Maverick: That's very kind of you, Mr. Wilkerson, and if I grow and extra hand, I'll send it to you.

TV Show: Maverick
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: If I go out there, I will not do it for nothing. I will be a brave man because I am a greedy man. Senorita, for $10,000 I will bring you back your money.
Letty French: That's all you'll take?
Juan 'Johnny' Bolero: Oh, I never lie. Steal, yes, but never lie.

TV Show: Maverick
[first lines]
Bart Maverick: Well, here we are and about time, too.
Bret Maverick: If we take the north trail, we ought to be in Clayton in about four days.
Bart Maverick: Clayton? If we take the south trail, we'll be in Santa Fe tomorrow! They tell me th... Oh, I remember now - Adelaide! She lives in Clayton.
Bret Maverick: She does? That's quite a coincidence, isn't it?
Bart Maverick: Uh-huh. Well, you give her my best.
Bret Maverick: You sure you don't want to come to Clayton with me?
Bart Maverick: Not even if she has a sister.
Bret Maverick: Well, remember what Pappy told us: "Never hold a kicker..."
Bart Maverick: "... Never draw to an inside straight."

TV Show: Maverick