Decoy Quotes

Constance: The countdown's begun.

Movie: Decoy
Frank Olins: Lay out the dough Vince. You know you'll get it back, soon as I can out of here.
Jim Vincent: No Soap Frankie. You've just been gassed. How do I know what kind of shape you in? Maybe you wouldn't be able to pull through an operation.

Movie: Decoy
Professor Erwin Buckton: [Constance knocks at the door] Come in.
Constance Snowden: [Constance opens the door and closes it behind her] Excuse me, are you Professor Buckton?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Yes I am, what can I do for ya?
Constance Snowden: I'm Doctor Constance Snowden, I've been assigned to student health services this term. You supervised a grad student named Luke Callahan, right?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Yes, one of the best students I've had in a long time.
Constance Snowden: Does he ever behave unusually?
Professor Erwin Buckton: Well he's very dedicated which is, er, unusual these days even for a grad student. He's very interested in, er, anatomy particularly the unorthodox evolutionary variations.
Constance Snowden: Well I came here to tell you that Luke Callahan experienced a psychotic episode a few years ago.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Really?
Constance Snowden: It's probably nothing for you to be concerned about but I'd appreciate you letting me know if ever he behaves abnormally.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Abnormally? How exactly would you define that Doctor Snowden?
Constance Snowden: Paranoid delusions usually having to do with aliens from outer space, that sorta thing.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Luke has always seemed very well balanced to me, he's intense but he's very sensible.
Constance Snowden: He's very good at compensating for his problems. I'd appreciate if you kept this conversation just between you and I.
Professor Erwin Buckton: Alright.
Constance Snowden: Thank

Movie: Decoy
Roger: You think Melody knows I'm a virgin?
Luke: Actually, yeah.

Movie: Decoy