Wild Card Quotes

Nick Wild: I've been knocked down, blown up, lied to, shit on, and shot at. So nothing surprises me much anymore, except the things that people do to each other. I'm a licensed pilot, took karate in Tokyo. I lectured on economics at Yale. I can memorize the front pages of The New York Times in five minutes, and repeat it back to you in five weeks. I was National Golden Gloves champion three years in a row. I'm fluent in four languages, and can wrestle with a menu in five more.
Cyrus Kinnick: Jesus!
Nick Wild: Don't interrupt me. There's more.
Cyrus Kinnick: More?
Nick Wild: Yeah. I lie a lot.

Movie: Wild Card
Nick Wild: If they kill me?
Holly: I'll be miserable for days.

Movie: Wild Card
Cyrus Kinnick: Safety means much to me. I checked under every synonym for safety, but there was no Nick Wild.
Nick Wild: Well, you should have tried between chapels and charm schools.

Movie: Wild Card
Cyrus Kinnick: Being smart is the only defense I've ever had, but it's not enough anymore.

Movie: Wild Card
Baby: It seems that somebody broke into room 3506 last night, beat up on three guys, and took $50,000.
Nick Wild: And that was before I had my Wheaties.
Baby: [laughs heartily]If only that were funny.

Movie: Wild Card
Nick Wild: [Offering his hand to Cyrus to shake]You're a good friend.
Cyrus Kinnick: [Taking Nick's hand, surprised]Friends?
Cyrus Kinnick: [while shaking hands]Don't ruin it.

Movie: Wild Card
Nick Wild: I know now what I really need.
Cyrus Kinnick: What's that?
Nick Wild: 'Fuck you' money!

Movie: Wild Card
Nick Wild: Dyin' ain't so bad. And at least I'll be out of Las Vegas.

Movie: Wild Card
Cyrus Kinnick: Guess you haven't liked Vegas much, huh?
Nick Wild: You're not supposed to like Vegas. It's just this creeping virus that people catch sometimes.

Movie: Wild Card