Victim Quotes

Detective Inspector Harris: Someone once called this law against homosexuality the blackmailer's charter.
Melville Farr: Is that how you feel about it?
Detective Inspector Harris: I'm a policeman, sir. I don't have feelings.

Movie: Victim
Elliot Stabler: [reading a gay victim's hate mail] " 'All queers will burn in the flames of hell,' so sayeth the Lord." Somehow I don't think that's a direct quote.

Movie: Victim
Elliot Stabler: What about that autistic kid in Milwaukee last year? Parishioners held him down, they were laying on top of him to cure him.
Olivia Benson: That could explain the ring mark. [walks around behind Cragen and wraps her arms around him to demonstrate]
Olivia Benson: Someone holds Jamie, he struggles, they hold him tighter.
Capt. Donald Cragen: [a little breathless] Until he can't breathe. [Olivia removes her arms and walks around in front of him]
Capt. Donald Cragen: Thank you, I enjoyed that.

Movie: Victim
Fin Tutuola: Who's side are you on?
Olivia Benson: The victim's.

Movie: Victim
Nancy: Jacqueline, you've spoken so often of ending it all I can't understand why this should be so difficult for you. You have only to drink a little.
Esther Redi, Jacqueline's Partner: Yes, Jacqueline. You were always talking suicide; ending your life when you wanted to.
Jacqueline Gibson: Yes, when *I* wanted to.

Movie: Victim