The Rifleman Quotes

Hattie Denton: Beans and flour... meat and potatoes... Is that all you and that boy of youn is gonna eat?
Lucas McCain: It's good solid food.
Hattie Denton: Where's the greens?
Lucas McCain: Greens?
Hattie Denton: String beans, collards, turnip and beet greens. Now don't you be telling me that your ma didn't feed them to ya when you was a sprout.
Lucas McCain: She sure did. And I sure hated 'em!
Hattie Denton: Of course you hated them! But you ate them. Else you wouldn't have growed up the big lump that you are!
Lucas McCain: Put 'em in the sack, Hattie. I'll take 'em. Now add up what I owe ya.

TV Show: The Rifleman
Lorrie: Ha! So you beat me. Do you have to be so smug?
Mark McCain: I didn't say anything.
Lorrie: Well, you were thinking it.

TV Show: The Rifleman
Lucas McCain: Well, it's new and mighty fine country. [Mark turns around and stares behind him]
Lucas McCain: There's no lookin' back. We've come too far.
Mark McCain: I wasn't really lookin' back, I was just remembering back.
Lucas McCain: What do you say we start from here?

TV Show: The Rifleman
Marshal Micah Torrance: Dirt farming's a lot like cattle raising - a man's gotta have faith, like Miss Milly said. I don't think you've got enough, Mark - not if you've lost faith in your own father.
Milly Scott: Micah!
Marshal Micah Torrance: Keep quiet, Milly. [to Mark]
Marshal Micah Torrance: Mark, you're just a boy and I've seen grown men buckle up doin' what you're tryin' to do - men like Lucas, who've lost everything they have except this house and piece of land, going off and doing whatever they can to save it and comin' back and tryin' again. Now, Mark, that's faith.
Mark McCain: I tried to think he'd come back, but how much faith is a person supposed to have?

TV Show: The Rifleman
Marshal Torrance: What's eatin' you, Joe? You look like you ran into a herd of wild Commanches.
Joe Stanic: It's that Tony. I told you five hundred times he ought to be put away!
Lucas McCain: You lock horns again? Is that it, Joe?
Joe Stanic: Ever since we came over on the boat together I have endured his insults.
Marshal Torrance: Now now, calm down. Everybody knows you and Tony are feudin' again but nobody knows about what. I doubt if you do.

TV Show: The Rifleman
Philip Simmons: So many things were left unsaid...
Lucas McCain: They usually are.

TV Show: The Rifleman

Lucas McCain: A man doesn't run from a fight, Mark...but that doesn't mean you should go running *to* one, either.

TV Show: The Rifleman