Murder She Said Quotes

Ackenthorpe: There is one thing I cannot tolerate, and that is impertinence.
Miss Marple: Well, we should get on admirably. Neither can I!

Movie: Murder She Said
Ackenthorpe: If you don't shut those windows you'll be fired.
Miss Marple: In that case I shall require four weeks' wages in lieu of notice.
Ackenthorpe: Get out of my sight, woman!
Miss Marple: With pleasure!

Movie: Murder She Said
Ackenthorpe: Cod's as good as lobster any day, and much cheaper.
Miss Marple: Well, that depends on whether or not one has a palate unsullied by cheap opiates.
Ackenthorpe: If you mean what I think you mean, I'll have you know this cheroot cost two shillings!
Miss Marple: Yes. Quite.

Movie: Murder She Said
Alexander: I thought discretion the better part of valor, Jane.

Movie: Murder She Said
Craddock: With holding information from the police is a very serious matter.
Miss Marple: Oh, I know, Inspector, and I'm most awfully sorry. Will you take tea?

Movie: Murder She Said