The Guns of Navarone Quotes

Capt. Keith Mallory: I have no time for this!
Corporal Miller: Now just a minute! If we're going to get this job done she has got to be killed! And we all know how keen you are about getting the job done! Now I can't speak for the others but I've never killed a woman, traitor or not, and I'm finicky! So why don't you do it? Let us off for once! Go on, be a pal, be a father to your men! Climb down off that cross of yours, close your eyes, think of England, and pull the trigger! What do you say, Sir?

Movie: The Guns of Navarone
Corporal Miller: Captain, I'm concerned about this vessel. It's taking on water.
Mallory: Why does that concern you?
Corporal Miller: I can't swim.

Movie: The Guns of Navarone
Mallory: Are you sure it will work?
Corporal Miller: There's no guarantee, but the theory's perfectly feasible.

Movie: The Guns of Navarone
Mallory: [after the Mallory and his team have overpowered and disarmed the Germans, the Germans are bound and gagged and Mallory's team takes their uniforms. Spiro is about to put the gag on Muesel] Hold it.
Mallory: We are going to leave Major Franklin behind. He is a wounded officer, I expect him to get proper medical attention.
Muesel: We don't make war on wounded men. We aren't all like Hauptmann Sessler.
Mallory: Now where's the camp radio station?
Muesel: I will not tell you. [Mallory points a pistol at Muesel in a hesitant way]
Muesel: . You wouldn't hesitate to kill me for any number of reasons, but not this one. In any event I will not tell you. [Muesel is then gagged]

Movie: The Guns of Navarone
[first lines]
Prologue Narrator: Greece and the islands of the Aegean Sea have given birth to many myths and legends of war and adventure. And these once-proud stones, these ruined and shattered temples bear witness to the civilization that flourished and then died here and to the demigods and heroes who inspired those legends on this sea and these islands. But, though the stage is the same, ours is a legend of our own times, and its heroes are not demigods, but ordinary people. In 1943, so the story goes, 2000 British soldiers lay marooned on the tiny island of Kheros, exhausted and helpless. They had exactly one week to live for in Berlin the Axis high command had determined on a show of strength in the Aegean Sea to bully neutral Turkey into coming into the war on their side. The scene of that demonstration was to be Kheros, itself of no military value, but only a few miles off the coast of Turkey. The cream of the German war machine, rested and ready, was to spearhead the attack, and the men on Kheros were doomed unless they could be evacuated before the blitz. But the only passage to and from Kheros was guarded and blocked by two great, newly designed, radar-controlled guns on the nearby island of Navarone. Guns too powerful and accurate for any allied ship then in the Aegean to challenge. Allied intelligence learned of the projected blitz only one week before the appointed date. What took place in the next six days became the legend of Navarone.

Movie: The Guns of Navarone