Tom and Jerry Quotes

Lickboot: We got to have... MONEY!

TV Show: Tom and Jerry
Narrator: Anyone can now enter the lucrative field of animated cartoons with the new Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit. This kit contains everything needed for quiet, sophisticated humor--one mean, stupid cat; one sweet, lovable mouse; and assorted deadly weapons. The coffee and cigarettes are for the cartoonists.

TV Show: Tom and Jerry
Tom: Jerry, are you familiar with the expression "Curiosity strangled the cat"?
Jerry: I always thought it was "Curiosity killed the cat".
Tom: God lives in the details, Jerry.

TV Show: Tom and Jerry
Tom: [looking for Jerry after the cabin burnt down] Oh, Jerry, Jerry, where are you? I'll do anything. I'll give you...
Jerry: [Jerry is sitting on a piece of wood behind him] All the cheese I can eat?
Tom: Yeah, all the cheese you can eat.
Jerry: And no more tricks?
Tom: No more tricks.
Jerry: No more traps?
Tom: No more traps.
Jerry: That's a promise?
Tom: That's a... [realizes Jerry is behind him, grabs him]
Tom: Oh... I'm gonna. Oh, you little...!

TV Show: Tom and Jerry